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Magazine Speak Without Interruption Hits Cyberspace Novelist William Elliott Hazelgrove named as Editor

[USPRwire, Mon Mar 09 2009] Bob Grant was tired of watching people interrupting each other. "I just couldn't stand the way people on the news shows would step all over each other and not let people speak." We are all painfully aware of this standard in television now. The cable shows have become brutal talkfests where people on the other side of the poliltical spectrum are bullied, interrupted, or told to shutup. "I think it had just become intolerable for me and so I decided to do something about it and that's what got me thinking about a place where people could have their say without being interrupted." The result was a blog site, Speak Without Interruption. The site began with a handful of writers who found they could write longer pieces on a variety of subjects. But quickly word got and out and Bob Grant's small site had over eighty writers.

"I knew this thing was growing quickly and I wanted to get to the next stage and so I went with a magazine format and hired an Editor." Novelist William Elliott Hazelgrove,, had been writing posts and was happy to head up the magazine. "I was very intrigued with Bob's concept of a place where people could express their thoughts and move beyond the blog which is more of a rant. I also saw the enormous potential of a place where people can write on a variety of subjects and expand on their themes. For the reader, it is a sort of one stop shopping. Politics, culture, the economy, gardening, there is something there for everyone." At the present, Speak Without Interruption, is driven by essays that writers submit, but Hazelgrove sees a bigger role.

"Well, it is no secret that the newspapers are having a hard time and people are going to be looking for their news, information, opinions from other sources. I see SWI as having the flexibility and up to the moment quality of a blog, but with the more thoughtful apsects of an op ed page on a newspaper." Bob Grant''s experiment has been online only for three months but traffic has grown at a very fast rate.

"People tell me they can't beleive how fast the site has grown and how the traffic is very good for only being around three months," Mr. Grant continues, who has never run a magazine before. "But we have writers coming to us from all over the world and I can only beleive that is because we are filling a yearn for people to speak without being interrupted." In these times of character assasination by telegenic stealth, Speak Without Interruption might just be a place where we all can complete our sentences.

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