Hollywood Publicist Serves as Mentor to Help Rising Stars

From: Toni Shelton
Published: Fri May 25 2007

Hollywood ??" The word got out that Hollywood publicist Toni Shelton moved from Chicago to Hollywood, and rising stars have kept her cell phone ringing with requests for help to bring success to their careers.

They know her reputation and know they need an experienced mentor who can guide them, and help them avoid the traps that prevent so many hopefuls from ever finding success.

Shelton has learned from her own career as a model and actress, and she has taken her experience and helped to teach and guide others to success as well. The growing number of rising stars that she represents are a testimony to her ability to not only serve as a publicist, but to be a mentor as well.

Shelton is an industry expert who has worked as a model, photographer, agent, manager, and now helps others achieve their dreams. All four of her children are working models and actors.

Her book "Rising Stars, An Inside Guide to Breaking into the Entertainment Industry" breaks down every aspect of the business and offers a realistic method needed to succeed.

“I teach the essentials, such as building the right relationships with agents, managers, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and others. Your preparation and attitude are key ingredients to success,” explained Shelton.

Rapper, actor, model Dave Dylan is just one of the many rising stars rely on the talents of Shelton.

“Toni Shelton is the hottest Hollywood Publicist, and she also knows how to help me with all aspects of my career. She has helped me gain success, and avoid mistakes I would have made if I was doing it on my own,” said Dylan.

Shelton also has a big heart, and is well known for her philanthropic efforts. She was presented the “2001 Women Who Make A Difference Award” presented by the Make a Difference Youth Foundation. More recently she helped organize places for Hurricane Katrina victims to live, and even let victims move into three of her own houses.

Through many ups and downs she paid her dues, learned the ropes, and found success for herself and is now helping others achieve their dreams. It is no wonder that many rising stars are coming to her for help.

She maintains a web site at http://www.Myspace.com/ToniShelton

About Toni Shelton:
Toni Shelton is a Hollywood publicist and mentor to aspiring actors, models, and entertainers. She has authored books, and is a dynamic public speaker, actor, and model herself.

Toni Shelton

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