Hollywood Celebrities are Sporting the Hottest Tattoos as a Trend

From: thehipevent, LLC
Published: Wed Sep 30 2009

All across Hollywood celebrities are sporting the hottest tattoos. Big and small, black and white tattoos are the new Hollywood craze. But sometimes celebrities make a tattoo oops- leaving them wonder why they ever got that tattoo in the first place!

After divorcing Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina Jolie regretted ever getting her Billy Bob dragon tattoo. Had she put on a temporary tattoo for the wedding, she would have saved herself thousands of dollars in laser therapy, and a lot of heartache. In the old tattoos place are now geographical coordinates of where her children were born, but if you look hard enough you can still find the dragon that she tried so hard to get rid of.

Pamela and Tommy Lee had a whirlwind romance that, after many make-ups and break-ups, ended with them going their separate ways (for now at least). They both famously had each other’s names inked to their wedding ring fingers (and gossip says that Tommy also had Pamela’s name permanently inscribed to a more, intimate area). After the papers were signed and all was said and done, Pamela changed her “Tommy” tattoo to read “Mommy” and now Tommy Lee sports a black band on his finger.

After she was married Denise Richards got “Charlie” tattooed on her ankle as a symbol of her love and devotion to her husband. After a messy divorce, she decided to erase the memory of him and inked over his name with a beautiful faerie design by Kat Von D.

The moral of the story: Tattooing the name of a significant other is a no-no (it seems to be bad luck for these celebs!). So instead of getting a tattoo for your loved one, try a temporary version for the big day! I Do Tattoo will give the bride something blue to wear and will show her groom-to-be how much she cares about him. You can place it on your arm for all to see or somewhere a little more hidden for your new husband to enjoy on your wedding night!

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