Hip Hop Legend Binky Mack Speaks About New EP ‘Held Hostage’

From: ThugLifeArmy Network
Published: Sun Feb 25 2007

Legendary Hip hop star, rap artist, west coast producer and ‘hood legend’ Binky Mack has announced his latest project is to be released on March 27th exclusively on ThugLifeArmy.com and ThugLifeArmyRecords.com for free download. Two singles off the EP have already dropped and can be downloaded for free at ThugLifeArmy.com.

ThugLifeArmy.com asked the hip hop notable about his upcoming EP titled ‘HELD HOSTAGE’. Binky tells why an EP and what is next for this hip hop heavy weight.

“I did this EP because I didn't want to do a mixtape. I wanted to bring back the EP as doing something different. I also wanted to bring back the way the older school like RunDMC, Slick Rick and people like Rakim didn't have guest appearances on their CD. Even though Squeak Ru will be on a song called "America" that me and him did a few months ago,” said Binky Mack.

Read more from the hip hop ‘hood legend’ Binky Mack while he stays steadily on the grind and has many enormous projects ahead. The information of a possible allfrumtha i album is news that will surely have the hip hop community buzzing.

Read all that Binky Mack has to say at www.ThugLifeArmy.com

A ‘hard copy’ of the EP ‘HELD HOSTAGE” will also be made available for those who do not have the capability to download and burn it.

Check out more news on the new EP, ‘HELD HOSTAGE’ and download the first two singles at www.ThugLifeArmy.com

For more info and music from Binky Mack check out his MySpace page at www.myspace.com/binkymack

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