Golosio Tune Sung by Paul Manchin and Produced by Matt Forger

From: Golosio Music Publishing
Published: Wed Jan 06 2010

John Scott G wrote the song "You Are Love" sitting in his car one day in the summer of 1999. A year later, he recorded the demo. It would be nine more years before the song came to life.

Canadian singer Paul Manchin's journey to the "You Are Love" song began in 2002 on a film set in Ontario, Canada when he worked with the 12-year-old star of "Cold Creek Manor," Kristen Stewart. Getting to know the Stewart family, Paul gave them some of his albums. Kristen's mother was impressed and passed one to a neighbor of hers in the U.S., Matt Forger, who is known for engineering on many Michael Jackson albums as well as for producing artists who have achieved hits on multiple continents.

After hearing Paul's album, Matt contacted the singer and they began a long series of discussions about recording together. Schedules, studios, and songs were discussed and debated. "I kept thinking that if we could find the right song to record, everything would fall into place," Manchin stated.

But nothing ever worked out 2009 until G gave Forger his old demo of "You Are Love," by this time represented by Golosio Publishing. Suddenly, everything clicked. Matt liked it, Paul wanted to sing it, and G thought it was "a great match of material, producer, and performer."

Matt brought in Jon Mattox of the Young Dubliners and put a session together at two Los Angeles studios. Paul flew in from Toronto while instrumental tracks were recorded at Bright Orange Studios, and then recorded the vocals at Anisound, where the song was mixed. There are two versions of the song, the "Truth Mix" and the "Dare Mix." The artist collective known as FookMovie created videos of the "Truth" and "Dare" versions.

While the lyrics to "You Are Love" are sweet and tender, Paul's interpretation of the song is intensely emotional, vibrant, and edgy. "My idea is that this is about a man who is in love with someone but at the same time cannot have that person," states Manchin. The combination of worshipful lyrics and vocal fury takes the song to a new level of emotional viability.

The videos for "You Are Love" were shot on locations in Hollywood and Los Angeles. In addition to sequences in both studios, there are scenes taken of Paul playing an electric guitar partly submerged in G's swimming pool.

"You Are Love" by Paul Manchin, now available on iTunes (at http://bit.ly/4itHSg ) was a recording that was literally ten years in the making.
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