Global Yeehaw! Web Conferencing Going Nashville In the World’s Most Interactive Songwriter Room

From: TheSongWritersRoom
Published: Tue Sep 22 2009

Collaboration between distant songwriters is going to take a massive leap forward in October with the launch of TheSongWritersRoom, (located at The SongWritersRoom was founded by Don Goodman, a prolific and legendary songwriter and Nashville circuit regular. His vision was to create an interactive haven for geographically distributed songwriting that goes beyond any of the resources available today. This haven will be a community of musicians and songwriters who come together to create, and learn.

Part of Goodman’s vision is the incorporation of Web Conferencing technology into the site, so that members can use real-time video and audio (VOIP) to interact with each other. Nashville writers can interact with L.A. writers, or Sydney writers, or Dubai writers, or anywhere else on earth where there is a reliable internet connection. Because of the rich media basis for the collaboration, songwriting will now be done in a fraction of the time it used to take. In addition to that, songwriters will have more and more options to connect, network, and collaborate with other professionals they might not have known about in the past.

As the website grows, so will the resources, including "big name" interviews, seminars, webinars, scheduled presentations by artists and writers, and resource links. All of the rich media tools are included in the membership fee, which allows users to take a test drive for only 1$.

The technology driving the conferencing capabilities of TheSongWritersRoom is VIA3 from the VIACK Corporation.

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