Forest Products Industry Experts Launch New Consulting Firm, Strategic Analysts

A new consulting firm, Strategic Analysts, is dedicated to helping companies in the forest products and pulp and paper industry excel in a global economy.

[USPRwire, Thu Aug 26 2010] Navigating the peaks and valleys associated with the normal business cycle can be challenging for any enterprise. But this has been doubly difficult for North American forest products companies which have failed to earn their cost of capital in nine of the last ten years. Lack of profitability has been widespread in the paper industry, long before the great recession and the recent changes in the media landscape. A new consulting firm, Strategic Analysts, is poised to help companies in the forest products, printing, packaging, pulp, and paper industries develop strategic plans to optimize existing operations and realize sustainable growth.

Founded by veterans of the forest products and pulp and paper industries, the consultants at Strategic Analysts have extensive experience in strategic planning, environmental sustainability, paper mill operations, and mergers and acquisitions analysis. The group tailors their services to meet the specific needs of clients. From phone consultations to on-site strategic planning, the nimble nature of Strategic Analysts allows them to move swiftly to help clients take an aggressive new strategic direction for growth or performance turnaround.

Michael Marziale, PhD, Strategic Analysts Senior Partner explains:

“Many companies in the forest products industry have cut costs and reduced staff, all necessary steps, but not sufficient for long-term success. The future belongs to companies that can innovate, develop new products and processes, target new markets and grow both the top line and bottom line. Indeed, success for our clients will mean that the next twenty years will have to look very different than the prior twenty. Our ability to provide solutions that allow clients to realize immediate, tangible, and measurable results sets Strategic Analysts apart.”

The partners and associates of Strategic Analysts are former executives from companies in the forest products, printing, pulp and paper industries. “We have been in our client’s shoes and know how to fully assess a client’s situation. We find ways to anticipate future trends in order to provide solutions that assure future success. We excel at turning insight into action and capitalizing on changes in the market to achieve sustainable growth,” adds Marziale.

The forest products industry employs nearly 14 million people globally and about 1 million individuals in the United States. The future of the forest products, printing, packaging, pulp, and paper industries requires transformation to achieve sustainable, long term growth and continual improvements. Whether analyzing portfolios, assessing business functions or identifying new target opportunities, the Strategic Analysts team provides their clients with the fresh perspective required to effectively compete in an ever-changing global marketplace.

About Strategic Analysts
Headquartered in Springboro, Ohio, Strategic Analysts, LLC is a leading consulting firm dedicated to serving companies from start-ups to large, established firms in the forest products, printing, pulp and paper industries. With consultants based throughout the United States, the group provides short and medium term consulting to assist clients with investment analysis, strategic planning, diligence support for investments, acquisitions and mergers, divesting of assets, business plan development and market strategies for new ventures in the forest products, pulp and paper industries. For additional information, please visit

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