First in the Series "Licensed to Steele" is a Wild Bank Heist Adventure from Beginning to End

From: Halo Publishing International
Published: Mon Sep 04 2017

Have you ever stood in line at the bank, looked around and thought, I wonder what it would be like to rob this bank? How hard could it be? What would I do with the money? Author Noland Mattocks had similar thoughts and put his plans for bank robbery into the hands of Cameron Steele, stock broker, beach lover and fictional character. Readers will delight in the escapades of Steele as he tries to stay ahead of the FBI while losing his heart to bank teller Chloe.

“It was while talking to the branch manager, who had just experienced a bank robbery, that I came up with, what I thought was a fool-proof plan for robbing a bank,” said author Noland Mattocks. “I told my idea to her and she thought it was brilliant. I wasn’t really going to rob the bank but knew the idea was just too good pass on and thus Cameron Steele was born.”

Mattocks wanted to create an entertaining story that held reader’s attention without getting too serious or bogged down by so many details that you lose site of the story.

“I’m picturing readers sitting on the beach, a cool beverage in one hand and a copy of my book in the other,” said Mattocks. “I guarantee you won’t learn anything but my hope is that you will be entertained.”

Mattocks has spent several years working in the financial world and over the years has come to learn about the inner workings of the banking business. His characters and their situations are believable without giving away state secrets. "Licensed to Steele" is the first in a series of fiction, adventure stories that feature Cameron Steele and his love Chloe. The question remains, will he go straight, as he promises his love, or will the temptations of white collar crime continue to intrigue him? Only the reader will know for sure.

“I thought I knew the story before I began writing,” said Mattocks. “I had an outline and began working through fleshing out the characters and story but about 60% of the way into the book the whole story got away from me. Cameron, Chloe and Agent Rickard had their own ideas of what would happen and I found myself along for the ride. Frankly, if readers have half the fun reading this book as I did writing it, I’ll be thrilled.

Early reviews are already praising Mattocks’ book as a ‘must read':
* ”Incredibly detailed, well thought out fun read. A real guilty pleasure. Can’t wait for the movie!” Lisa B.
* “Fast paced, brilliantly written page turner! A world that truly comes to life. You won’t put this down!” Molly N.
* “Grips your attention from the start. Grab a seat as you are in for a ride!” Kevin R.
* “A fresh new storyteller has arrived and his name is Noland Mattocks.” Jonathan H.
* “Pure adrenaline rush! Makes you wonder what would you do?” Katherine R.

"Licensed to Steele" is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Hardback $25.95. Paperback $14.95 and Kindle is $7.99.

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About Noland Mattocks:
Noland Mattocks grew up in Winston Salem, North Carolina and graduated East Carolina University with a BS in Criminal Justice. During ten years working as a Financial Advisor, the character of Cameron Steele took shape. He began writing Licensed to Steele in 2007. Years later, after encouragement from family and friends, he decided to finish his first novel. He resides in the Sarasota, Florida area and goes to the beach as often as possible.

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