Butterflies exist in nature as a delicate thing of beauty, and artist Jesse LaPrade has managed to successfully transfer that delicate beauty to wood.

[USPRwire, Tue Oct 17 2006] Jesse LaPrade has been creating beautiful and unique hand-painted butterflies on wood, and each limited edition butterfly is a prized possession of one of his rapidly growing list of admirers.

A former professor of agriculture, LaPrade has always admired butterflies, and his creations are depictions that bring a smile to all who see them, and joy to those who have the opportunity to own one or more.

"I use oil and acrylic paint, but I do not mix the two together," explained LaPrade. "The medium is acrylic varnish over acrylic paint on thin wood substrate that is about 1/64 inch to 1/8 inch thick. Each butterfly is also signed and numbered for authenticity."

LaPrade paints butterflies that are easily recognized, and others that most people never see in real life. Each, however, is a depiction of a real butterfly from nature.

"Some species can likely be found in your back yard, while others are very rare and are found only in remote jungle areas of tropical environments. Some of the more abundant species have common names while the more obscure species have not received a common name, for indeed, they are quite uncommon," said LaPrade.

LaPrade discovered his talent for fine art later in life, and in addition to butterflies he also paints beautiful seascapes. He has a gallery of his work available for all to enjoy on his web site at http://www.SeaScapesByJesse.com.

The style of his seascape paintings remind many of the work of Vincent van Gogh, and interestingly LaPrade discovered he is related to van Gogh. He did not know that he was adopted until he read a letter to him written by his deceased adoptive father. The story of his relationship to van Gogh and his personal experiences and growth as an artist can be read on his web site.

About Jesse LaPrade:
Artist Jesse LaPrade has many similarities in his fine art paintings to that of his great-grandfather Vincent van Gogh. The focus of his work is on beautiful seascapes that he shares with anyone who would like to view them in a gallery on his web site. Details about the artist, his relationship to van Gogh, and images of his work are available at http://www.SeaScapesByJesse.com.
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Jesse LaPrade

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