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Published: Sun May 30 2010, one of the largest movie social networks, announces the addition of a comprehensive movie news feed and a unique and edgy movie news blog. Both feeds will simultaneously feed into new and existing pages throughout the website.

The movie news feed has been carefully vetted to ensure that stories are relevant and interesting. As breaking news is broke, the sources are instantly fed to FilmCrave where members and visitors are encouraged to comment. With the addition of the Facebook “like” function, visitors can also update their friends via the Facebook news timeline as to what their reading. Incorporating breaking news into a well organized and well visited website gives FilmCrave another benefit to their crowd.

The FilmCrave movie blog promotes opinionated entertainment and the occasional movie news exclusive. Updated regularly, members are encouraged to comment, refute or support each post. Also included in the movie blog is the Facebook “like” function, keeping users social news feed updated with what FilmCrave visitors enjoy reading. The blogs primary focus includes the hottest new movie trailer, interesting news, exclusives, and opinionated movie topics.

These added movie news features are another way to make sure the users are given top priority. As FilmCrave continues to exponentially grow, they understand what is important to movie fans. By providing news aggregation that is both organized and easy to read, FilmCrave delivers reasons to visit and better reasons to stay.

“In order to be regarded as one of the experts in the online movie space, we needed a comprehensive movie news feature,” said Alex Olson, CEO of “Initial tests show that we have exceeded our own expectations in the quality of movie news that we can deliver. Our visitors are more than satisfied.”

Movie news additions, along with the ability to create customized movies lists, rate and review any film, information on new movies and DVD releases continues to put FilmCrave’s innovative and user-friendly features on display. This is all part of an effort to keep FilmCrave on the cutting edge of social media and movie information.

About Founded in 2007 as a movie social network, has seen consistent growth in both unique visitors and members. Now reaching over 200,000 people per month, FilmCrave has grown to become not only one of the largest movie social networks but one of the largest movie websites. FilmCrave provides both unique social networking functions and comprehensive movie information. FilmCrave is the perfect blend of social interaction and movie information.
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