Since there are over six thousand American women reaching menopause every day – two remarkable doctors made it their goal to get these women the help they need.

[USPRwire, Fri Apr 02 2010] In the ongoing controversy of hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms, there is a distinct, fresh voice offering solutions that can only come from years of proven success. Since there are over six thousand American women reaching menopause every day ??" two remarkable doctors made it their goal to get these women the help they need.

Cutting through the hype, marketing, and ill-informed opinions on this sensitive subject, Dr. Lovera Wolf Miller and Dr. David C. Miller wrote Womenopause: Stop Pausing and Start Living (O-Books), for the approximately 38 million women boomers in the U.S. who are dealing with perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause. In their insightful book, these two amazing doctors provide women with what equates to a menopause makeover, covering everything from hormones and hot flashes, brain and bone preservation, breast health, skin, food, sleep, sex and a whole lot more!

Since most women (and their partners) anticipate menopause with trepidation, often seeing it as the beginning of decline and demise, they will welcome with open arms the thirty years of experience and ideas that Dr. Lovera Miller brings to the subject. She has witnessed public fascination swing from one trend to the next when new options became the “treatment du jour” ??" adding more confusion as women sorted through what might work best for them.

Womenopause is being welcomed like a dependable and loyal friend, sharing experiences by allowing readers into the intimate conversation that takes place between a woman and her female gynecologist. The superior credentials of both doctors authenticate how they are devoting their lives to guiding women through menopause to feel fit, feminine, and fabulous in four weeks! More information can be found at and

Sharon J. Parish, M.D Professor of Medicine, Albert Einstein School of Medicine: “’s a fabulous book. Womenopause is a very well-rounded, comprehensive compendium on the female transition commonly termed menopause. ...offer a refreshing look at a natural process that affects every aspect of the midlife woman’s health and well-being. They challenge standard social concepts ofmenopauseas well as provide a new paradigm that focuses on vitality and wellness. The book offers a clear and understandable, yetthorough and scientifically sound explanation of the physiology of menopause and the anticipated physical, psychological and mental changes. The authors offer a well-balanced view of available remedies for symptoms including hormonal, non-hormonal pharmaceutical, and alternative treatments. Also, they nicely discuss behavioral and lifestyle approaches. This book is a tremendous resource for any woman seeking to employ an intelligent and multifaceted approach to the Womenopause transition.”

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