Fans Fund Recording Through Internet for Independent Folk Artist Tyler Stenson’s 8th Studio Album

From: Regime Entertainment
Published: Wed Aug 25 2010

Writing songs and creating music is only half the battle of the independent artist; the other half is the financial war of funding the recordings and distributing the art. Tyler Stenson, a prolific folk singer/songwriter from Portland, OR knows the struggle all too well. Rather than wait to finance his next album through his concert proceeds, he utilized some new Internet tools to reach out to his fans. He set up a donation page through, promoted it through his social network pages and met his fundraising goal of $3,500, green lighting his 8th studio album Long Before the Wheel long before he thought would be possible through self-funding.

“As a starving artist, I have always been more prolific than my pocket book. The recording process is just as much a passion of mine as crafting the songs themselves but, when it comes to producing content, I’m often limited by finances,” Stenson says.

The fundraising goal of $3,500 was established and made public through on June 1, 2010, and just 60 days later, roughly 90 friends and fans banded together to help Stenson breach his goal to make the new recording a reality. Stenson used other Internet resources to get the word out about the fundraiser through his website and social networks on FaceBook, Twitter, etc. In the end, approximately $4,000 was raised for the project, allowing Stenson a little extra for promotion of the new album as well.

Stenson was grateful to his fans and a little overwhelmed by their response to his call.

“I’ve always felt a warm support from my fans but watching them rise to this occasion in such a tangible manner ??" knowing that my friends and fans have enough faith in me to blindly fund my creations ??" that is the most inspiring piece of the plot.”

Slated for release on October 2, 2010, Stenson’s Long Before the Wheel EP is well under way and already a special creation because of the shining efforts to make it possible ??" a true labor of love by the artist and the fans alike.


Tyler Stenson is an award winning singer-songwriter from Portland, OR that is currently based in Nashville, TN. As the pioneer of his genre “elegant folk,” Stenson’s lyrical music is catching on internationally and attracting a train of followers that find a piece of themselves in the sincerity of his words. More information available on this talented artist at
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