Entrepreneur Gene Nalbandian Finds Meaning in His Life's Journey

Gene Nalbandian's first book, "Lamentations of a Dad: How Takeaways Led to Comebacks" allows the reader to enjoy an intimate conversation with Gene; who openly and honesty shares the lessons he has learned from the roller coaster of his life.

[USPRwire, Tue Jan 17 2017] Gene Nalbandian has lived almost eight decades and his personal journey includes being a descendant of Armenian Genocide survivors, founding a number of entrepreneurial businesses, a stint as a pro-ball player for the Chicago Cubs, as well as being the first man in California to legally obtain full custody of his three children. His first book, “Lamentations of a Dad: How Takeaways Led to Comebacks” allows the reader to enjoy an intimate conversation with Gene; who openly and honesty shares the lessons he has learned from the roller coaster of his life.

“It hasn’t always been easy,” shares Gene Nalbandian. “Especially losing my son to a long hard fight with drug addiction, however, through all of my life there have been opportunities to learn and grow and I hope readers will take away information they can use in their own life.”

“Lamentations of a Dad: How Takeaways Led to Comebacks” offers hope to those who have struggled with loss, failure and disappointment. Gene shares the lessons he has learned and the comebacks he has enjoyed by simply mastering the art of picking himself back up and moving forward, one step at a time.

“There are so many experiences for which I am most proud; my children are all wonderfully successful, each in their own right,” says Gene. “I have started several businesses, hold three patents and founded an ice cream franchise that was wildly popular in the 70s. Each of these accomplishments have had moments where I questioned the direction and yet ultimately, whether they failed or exceeded expectations, have provided lessons I hope others can benefit from.”

The loss of his youngest son, Derek, just two short years ago, has certainly been the biggest struggle and most painful experience.

“Derek was an amazing man who was gripped by an addiction no amount of love, support or money could overcome,” shared Gene. “I have walked that nightmare and share what that experience was like and how I have coped both during those years with my son and in the time since he has passed. I hope others going through similar circumstances will gain comfort from this book and the chapters I have dedicated to our relationship.”

“This is an extremely personal book and one which we, at Halo, are so very proud to represent,” says Lisa Umina, founder and President of Halo Publishing International. “Gene offers readers an inspirational message as a father, entrepreneur and mentor. It is a book that I’d recommend for those just starting out in business as well as those who are struggling with raising children of divorce. Frankly, anyone who has tried, failed and wants to try again will benefit from reading “Lamentations of a Dad: How Takeaways Led to Comebacks.”

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About Gene Nalbandian:
Gene Nalbandian is currently living in Laguna Beach, California with his soul mate. He is involved by using his entrepreneurial background to mentoring graduate MBA students at his beloved UCLA. He is Co-founder of the Fresnotizis, a group of prestigious American Armenians who have accomplished careers as judges, lawyers, publishers, businessmen and retired professional athletes. He is an accomplished traveler having visited countries throughout the world with his beautiful wife and has developed a perspective which he loves to share with his friends and colleagues. Gene spends much of his time with his children and grandchildren, always challenging them to be the best that they can be. He also pursues athletic endeavors by playing golf and participating on the Senior Tennis circuit.

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Book Trailer:

Lamentations of a Dad: How Takeaways Led to Comebacks - By Gene Nalbandian

Lamentations of a Dad is a wonderfully heartwarming memoir that will lift your spirits and show you that even when tragedy strikes, there are always rainbows that emerge from the darkness and gloom.

Gene was born into an ordinary family who was proud of their culture and beginnings. He graduated from college and was signed by the Chicago Cubs as a promising pitcher. This was a dream come through for Gene. But sadly, a tragic injury ended his career with the Cubs and he had to search another path in his life. But this set back let to another comeback later on.

Gene’s life was also speckled with several other setbacks. He married, divorced, became an entrepreneur, became a single dad, and experienced the death of his son to a drug overdose. But even in the middle of all of these tragic experiences, there were always the comebacks and the rainbows that appear from the darkness.

Gene is a true testament of strength and courage. He shows that we can all learn to cope and not get discouraged, even when there are many really awful things that happen to us in our lives. His walk and trust in the Lord has always given him the strength to endure. All the negative and positive events of his life have made him who he is today, a strong, courageous, grateful, and peaceful man.

I recommend this book to anyone who has experienced a lot of hardship and tragedy and feels trapped by all these events. Gene’s book will enlighten you and give you the strength to courageously carry on.

Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

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