A clever charmer comes along and sweeps Barbie off her feet and onto the path of self discovery

[USPRwire, Wed Nov 05 2008] Barbie Anderson has accepted unhappiness as a way of life, but a sudden inheritance starts a chain of events that causes her world to spin out of control.

The Ride takes readers on a roller coaster journey as depressed housewife Barbie Anderson discovers that the aunt who raised her is actually her mother and has left her a sizable inheritance, all the while her husband has been acting very uncharacteristic. A clever charmer comes along and sweeps Barbie off her feet and onto the path of self discovery. Author Jane Sutton leaves readers laughing out loud as she follows the misadventures of this 40-something underachiever while she discovers that life can be one fantastic and fun ride.

For years, author Jane Sutton satisfied her passion for writing through correspondence with friends and family while living in Taiwan, Korea, England, the Netherlands, Italy and Saudi Arabia. While abroad, she had several articles published in the American Women's Association of Rome Forum Magazine, and assisted with the publications of other international women's clubs.

Now a full-time resident of Fort Myers, Fla, Jane has evolved to writing fiction. She is a member of the Florida Writers Association and the Gulf Coast Writers Association.

Additional Info:

Recipe for Suburban Surprise:
1. Take one deeply depressed housewife.
2. Add one unexpected windfall.
3. Carefully ford in one very handsome, very clever charmer.
4. Separate and discard one totally self-centered, slightly abusive
5. Place all remaining ingredients into red-hot, shiny red
convertible cruising on Route 66 and wait to see what happens!
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