Best Selling Menís Health Book Launches Exclusive Affiliate Program

From: S.K. Research Group LLC
Published: Thu Nov 13 2008

S.K. Research Group LLC, the premier publisher of menís health books, announced this week that they are launching a brand new affiliate program. The new program will start with the companyís best selling book, The Complete E.D. Guidebook, and offers an unheard of 75% commission on all sales.

While there are numerous resources dedicated to menís health, in the past, it was difficult for men to seek the help and advice they could trust. Now, thanks to S.K. Research Group LLC and The Complete E.D. Guidebook, men have a place to turn for assistance, and a way to help others. The book was researched by men for men, and is written in plain English. The practical book answers numerous questions that men may have about erectile dysfunction, and provides sound advice on topics ranging from herbal medication to sexual health questions.

The Complete E.D. Guidebook offers affiliates the opportunity to cash in one of the most popular and lucrative industries, without any upfront costs. The 75% payouts are among the highest in the industry, and the company offers support and resources to affiliates to ensure their success. For more information about this exciting new affiliate program, please visit:

ďWe're really excited about our latest affiliate program because this eBook has been so successful during the past year since its release and now others will have a chance to also prosper from itís popularity,Ē said E.D. Guidebook co-writer and editor Mel Green. ďThe beauty of this book is that men no longer have to feel uneasy about getting information about E.D. from their friends, family, spouse or doctor-- this complete book gives them all the latest data available to access in private,Ē added Green. ďI do not think there are any other books out there that cover so many different questions men have about E.D., you really donít have to go anywhere else to learn about E.D. period.Ē

About the Book: The Complete E.D. Guidebook was written to provide men with real world information and resources on erectile dysfunction. The Complete E.D. Guidebook: The Essential guide to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction is published by S.K. Research Group LLC and is available at:http:///
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