Bcut Productions "The Barbershop Chronicles" DVD/V.O.D Releasing Oct. 27 2009

From: Bcut Productions
Published: Sun Nov 08 2009

For 15 years, Bobby E. Goins has been known in the Vauxhall community as the owner of the barbershop, Bobby's Cut Above. As he makes his debut into the film industry, cut is no longer just what he does to his customers' hair - it's also what he yells on the sets of his upcoming movies. The 90-minute film focuses on four men, their barber and the relationships formed in the shop, conversations on life and women take place along with the occasional confrontation and, of course, lots of laughter. Other movies, such as Spike Lee's 1983 film "Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads" and Tim Story's 2002 movie "Barbershop" demonstrate the significance of barbershops in urban communities, but Goins believes these films did not put enough emphasis on barber-customer interaction, which he tried to accent in his film.

The Barbershop Chronicles is a fast paced film about the loves, lies, frustrations, and fun that fill an insular community. The movie has a cast that includes several talented actors that are familiar to television audiences. Darnel Stapleton of the SuperBowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers, makes his acting debut. Carl Clemons, was a staple of that show’s season four. This year he completed filming four features in addition to TBC, including "Shelter," starring Julianne Moore and Brooklyn's Finest, directed by award-winning director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day.)

Goins is working on a number of projects to be released between 2010 and 2011. He expects "The Prairie Boys," a crime drama about a group of young men who cause trouble after finding a large sum of counterfeit money, will be his best film yet. He is also working on other movies, including "Trakks" and "Drew and the Dilla Hopper," an animated comedy. In addition to his roles as a filmmaker and a barber, Goins aims to be a mentor to younger people in his community. Goins sees a great future for himself in the film industry and hopes to one day own a Vauxhall-based production company so he can help other independent filmmakers.

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