Backstreet Boys announced their biggest world tour in their music career along with their 10th album “DNA” release. The Backstreet Boys Concert Tickets Discount Coupon are being sold at Ticket2concert get them now!

[USPRwire, Mon Jan 28 2019] If you are a fan of BACKSTREET BOYS you will be excited just like the others are for a whole year of Backstreet Boys as they release their 10th album “DNA” and board their biggest tour ever. Backstreet Boys 2019 Tour Tickets are available at Ticket2concert. Before the album “DNA” gets released, your favorite group of five Backstreet Boys made some confessions in a video premiere.

All 5 boys Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, and Kevin Richardson took a shortstop for "Backstreet Confessions," an entertaining series of interviews that captured the group’s first impressions, the prank they played on one another and their least favorite song of all time and so much more.

The most impressive thing was that their answers were almost identical which involuntarily displayed the bonding that they have formed during these 25+ years if their career together. Though they were not as same when they first met each other as Kevin remembers Nick being oozing energy allover or as he called him “ball of energy” during their first meet up back in 1993. Get the Backstreet Boys Tickets for Ticket2concert and get an awesome Backstreet Boys Tickets Discount, hurry now before they all like always get sold out. We also got to know that AJ has changed a lot, according to Brian and Howie he is a different person altogether. As Littrell said AJ apparently wanted to appear bad when he was all well-groomed through and through. After that Dorough explained how he was a button-up and briefcase combo. And then AJ joked that he liked everyone as they were at the first meeting better.

The boys also revealed an interesting nickname they had for Nick which is “OG Dick," Nick explained with a big smile on his face, that though he played pop music on stage he would listen to rap music on the side and he would bring his cane out and be the OG. Get Backstreet Boys Tickets Coupon for exciting cuts in the price of the tickets to watch your favorite boy band’s concert live. The guys couldn't mess with him because he was a gangster. And most amazingly Nick is also the biggest prankster among the group, however, all of them have played some outrageous trick on each other over the years. Like, once Brian got Kevin caught in cellophane at the time of one of their shows.

Finally, they disclosed their least favorite song of all time which was surprisingly the song they all agreed on. Find out more on what song they picked and the other things they said during the premiere by seeing the video below and get your Cheapest Backstreet Boys Tickets online at

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