The search for love, harmony, and contentment can take many people on a roller coaster ride that lasts a lifetime

[USPRwire, Tue Oct 27 2009] The search for love, harmony, and contentment can take many people on a roller coaster ride that lasts a lifetime. Cheryl Cusella’s ride began with a tormented childhood, and nearly ended in suicide before she finally realized that what she’d sought was right in front of her.

In Looking for Love, Cusella shares her incredible and sometimes shocking story of a woman who survived sexual abuse, depression, and gambling. She endured what she refers to as a kind of trial by fire, experiencing love, fame, money, and success, only to discover that none of it could fill the emptiness inside her.

Today the author is a faith-filled evangelist with a passion for giving. But Cusella’s life wasn’t always this way.

After achieving the wealth she’d craved, Cusella discovered that life had become hollow and meaningless, her identity stripped away by the shallow, superficial trappings of the fame she’d achieved so young. From the bright lights of the stage as a much sought after Stevie Nicks look-a-like and popular feature performer in nightclubs, Cusella finally hit rock bottom??"and suffered the pain and hopelessness that follow when everything is taken away.

“I’m a survivor,” says Cusella. “Though many times I felt totally defeated, even suicidal, someone kept me going. Eventually I discovered who that someone was, turned my life around, and was reborn.”
After losing everything she’d worked for ??" including her will to live ??" Cusella’s spirit was nearly broken; her life almost came to a tragic end. But, she says, God saved her life.
“I was ready to take my own life,” says Cusella. “But then I had a vision, and heard a voice. It was the voice of God; I felt His presence all around me as He encouraged me to go on living.”

Today Cusella is a multi-faceted, faith-filled woman ??" a gifted author, talented musician, and anointed speaker ??" who has committed her life to helping others discover God’s redeeming love.
Looking for Love is the story of a troubled early life, and the desperate search for love in all the wrong places. Tested over and over again by excruciating challenges, it was finally through God’s grace that one courageous woman began to live the life she was meant to live.
Cusella has committed her life to helping others discover the love they have always sought, but never had the courage to find. Now a humble servant of God, she is a role model for others who’ve become lost along the way.

About Cheryl Cusella:
Today Cusella lives in California, and has completed three years at Moody Bible College where she is studying towards her bachelor’s degree in biblical counseling. She is an anointed evangelist, gifted author, passionate speaker, and talented singer, having just produced the soon to be released CD, Forever Changed. Cusella believes she has been entrusted with a unique gift to share God’s love with audiences throughout the nation. For more information visit Cusella online at

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