Author Gary Beers to Release Next Series of PumpkinRoo Books by October 2010

From: Sashel Publications Inc.
Published: Mon Aug 09 2010

Renowned New York author, poet, playwright and children book writer of PumpkinRoo, Gary Beers announed via "open source, all news media and 'World News" with a multitude of news releases in the U.S. and abroad of his plans to release an upcoming, new seven series of PumpKinRoo Books featuring "The CherryChunk Cheeky Kids" in what he hopes will be in October of this year.

What will make this series unique is of there now finally being drawing of PumpKinRoo and some thirty other notable characters as portrayed in the first series of PumpKinRoo books of 2008---such had no cartoons or renderings colorfully displaying such characters. Beers deliberately and with a wise business decision decided not to create at least visual renderings of his now-famed literary impressions giving the exact and well predicted result Beers had hoped to achieve of his young readers globally.

"The concept of a child having serendipty in realizing the characters to be unique entities to their very own individual selves gave a new meaning in our marketing efforts allowing children a rare right to envision and imagine PumpKinRoo and the Majestic Jewel Kingdom as they saw fit. An idea many frowned upon, but I felt it wise in allowing our youngsters the privy to not only imagine the 'Roo' but take part in the world of the Kingdon revered now of many youngsters around the world." Beers stated with satisfaction. Reportedly the idea stuck well amongst U.S. and International Countires of multitudes of children allowing earnings to exceed $757.8 million y the end of the first year of 2008.

Beers wrote in addition "PumpKinRoo in His Entirety" back in December 2009 with much satisfaction as was displayed by such children who profess to adore and have an affability toward the 'Roo' and his many friends who lovingly take part in the magic happenings of The Majestic Jewel Kingdom.

Gary Beers who is also the executive producer and founder of Golden Vintage Productions, Inc.,! Inter.was pleased of the month-long project in writing the 875 pages piece as claimed of many children again in many literary genre based markets to be a huge success in aiding their imaginations!

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