Austin Artist Paula Parker Unveils New “Small Art” Pieces at Specialty Boutique in Round Rock

From: Paula Parker Designs
Published: Thu Sep 25 2008

Entrepreneur and Artist Paula Parker, owner of Paula Parker Designs, Austin, Texas, today announced the unveiling of a new series of “Small Art” at Beyond the Red Door boutique and studio in Round Rock.
Paula Parker has spent the better part of the last 20 years as a professional designer and artist. She specializes in her self-created art form called “plaster mache sculpture” and mixed media using antique texts and documents as the basis for her pieces. Her art has a vivid, mysterious quality that is simultaneously ancient and timeless in tone.
“This new series of small art by Paula Parker makes a big impact on everyone who sees it,” said Ginger Huggins, owner, Beyond the Red Door boutique and studio, located at 106 South Mays Street, in the historic downtown shopping district of Round Rock, Texas, just north of Austin.
“I enjoy creating art that takes the viewer to another time and place,” said Parker. “While it would seem like my larger pieces have an easier time transporting the viewer, I find that small art has a special way of drawing in the viewer, forcing them to concentrate on the work at a level not often achieved with larger formats. You almost have to stare and meditate on the art, and that extra time spent makes the small art even more powerful than you might think at first.”
Parker's series of six small art pieces range in size from 3.5” x 4.25” hand-dyed paper on glass bowls ($79) to 11.5” x 11.5” plaster mache sculptures ($300). The artwork will be on display and available for sale at Beyond the Red Door (boutique phone: 512-246-9908). Parker is also available for commissions.
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