Aura Reader Blames Katie Couric's 20-Pound Airbrush on “Anorexia Culture"

From: Rose Rosetree, LLC
Published: Mon Sep 04 2006

Why would Katie’s “Evening News” promo picture be airbrushed to whittle away 20 lbs? Blame the same anorexia culture that trains Americans to expect all celebrities to look skeletally thin…. and then call it “glamorous.” The solution is for more Americans to read auras, says Rose Rosetree, author of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.

With deeper perception, Rosetree says, anorexia shows. She predicts, “When enough people perceive the pain of anorexia, tastes will change.” Rosetree has used deeper perception to read many anorexic stars from their photos, including 25 full-page profiles published in the Chicago Sun-Times. “Most of those rail-thin actresses and models show anguish in their auras, or else a disconnect between mind and body.”

How lovely is anorexia in an aura? The comparison is simple, according to Rosetree. “A beautifully dressed woman, too thin for her body’s comfort zone, is like a lovely houseplant in a living room. If that plant isn’t watered enough, a sensitive owner can hear feel it screaming for water long before the plant dies. Aura readers hear the equivalent of that scream.”

Rosetree has taught her system of aura reading to thousands of students on three continents. Interview her to learn about the linkage between anorexia and auras. Here are some of topics related to the Katie Couric story:

* Where in an aura do you look to learn if someone is anorexic?
* Why can aura readers learn this information, even from a headshot or other regular photo?
* How have anorexic clients of Rosetree’s responded to her findings?
* What is the “Aura Hoax” involved in the popular diet photos, with the before and after pictures?
* Lady Diana’s eating disorder is well known. What did Rosetree find by comparing Diana’s photo pre- and post-eating disorder?
* Katie Couric’s aura at a normal weight is far healthier than that of most anorexic stars.

Rosetree’s how-to book, “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses,” has become a national bestseller in Germany. The paperback edition of “die Aura erkennen mit allen Sinnen” is being published this month. In English, it is a past selection of the One Spirit Book Club.

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