Audio Fidelity Releases 24 Karat Gold Version of Classic Deep Purple in Rock Album

From: Audio Fidelity
Published: Sun Aug 30 2009

Marshall Blonstein and his Audio Fidelity label continue their excellent string of releases for 2009 with one more exceptional 24 karat gold rendering of a classic rock album.

Today Audio Fidelity will release the metal rock classic Deep Purple In Rock. In 1970 heavy metal was just beginning, and it was Deep Purple that combined the heaviness and the speed to form what we now know as heavy metal.

The analog masters are put through a sonically constructed vintage tube playback deck and then the label’s new Kensei Audio Transformer for the ultimate reproduction of a true clear rocking sound that every audiophile is searching for.

Deep Purple’s 10 minute blockbuster and live classic “Child In Time” and every other track on the album, finds new life on the specially remastered 24 karat gold disc. The meticulous process and care taken for every track becomes evident once the first track “Speed King” (the 5:15 long version) kicks in. Then it doesn’t take long before you can recall why you loved the album when it was first released in 1970. If you love classic rock ’n’ roll, and you missed it the first time, now is the time to appreciate this juggernaut of rock music, a gem beyond compare sounding better than ever.

Audio Fidelity CEO Marshall Blonstein commented “Audio Fidelity is totally committed to the music fan that wants the best in sound and admires the artist that originally released this special rock classic.”

Visit the Audio Fidelity website for ordering information and details on Deep Purple In Rock.
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