Audio Fidelity Release Classic Styx and Simon & Garfunkel Albums on 24 Karat Gold CDs

From: Audio Fidelity/Morada Music
Published: Tue Apr 20 2010

Marshall Blonstein and Audio Fidelity are releasing two classic albums on 24 karat gold CDs series today.

The 1977 release that made Styx international superstars Grand Illusion gets the 24 karat gold treatment and another Simon & Garfunkel folk rock bookend Sounds of Silence, their 1966 sophomore effort, answers the curtain call to anxiously awaiting audiophiles.

Even though Styx had a smash hit with “Lady” four years prior to the release of Grand Illusion they could not get over the hump and elevate themselves to the next level of notoriety. Grand Illusion was the magic formula, yielding hits and the cornerstone of their live act such as “Come Sail Away” and other popular radio staples as “Fooling Yourself”. Styx went from cult status straight to the top of the charts seemingly overnight. Audio Fidelity takes this classic recording and shows why it was so solid and consistent, bringing out the best of the Styx sound, accentuating each instrument within each track. The mixture of tasteful art rock, pop and flat out rockers like “Miss America” pulled in listeners from a wide ranging demographic.

Long before the advent of rock bands like Styx was the legendary duo of Simon & Garfunkel. Again Audio Fidelity celebrates their folk pop sound on Sounds of Silence, ushering in a new era for the duo. The album gave them an opportunity to bring an entirely new audience to their sound. The title track and “I Am A Rock” dominated the airwaves on pop stations everywhere in 1966. The clever pop tunes of Simon & Garfunkel would continue to gather momentum with each release and this was just the beginning of a string of hits that would follow. Sounds of Silence was the precursor to their first masterpiece Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme, released by Audio Fidelity in March.

Audio Fidelity’s remastering process brings out the best in the releases they choose. In the case of Grand Illusion, all the power of the art rock masterpiece shines through and with the Sounds of Silence the 24 karat gold disc allows the listener to focus in on the exceptional beauty and poignancy of the duo’s sound giving attention to the subtleties found in the mixture of words and music like no other process can.

Audio Fidelity is proud to release these two classic recordings, both limited numbered editions with original art work in a window slip case cover.
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