Apogee Awards Laureates Shine in Apogee Foundation Multinational Events

From: Apogee Foundation - Marjorie Schneider
Published: Sat May 30 2009

Throughout the month of May, Apogee Awards laureates representing five leading music academies in four countries will be participating in Apogee Artists performance events and Apogee Academy training programs in the legendary musical city of Odessa. Featured in these events are multi-instrument prodigy Simion Gronic from Kishinev, Moldova; violinist Yuri Wassilewski from Minsk, Belarus; pianist Akim Anum-Dorhuso from Odessa, Ukraine; trumpeter Bogdan Dekhtyaruk from Uman, Ukraine; and cellist Aleksander Lisuk from Bern, Switzerland: all of whom were first selected as Apogee Scholars during the Foundation's 2006 Odessa International Music Festival.

Apogee's events in Odessa, held in collaboration with the historic Stolyarsky State Music School, are being presented on national television and will be made available to global audiences through Apogee Videocasting as well as in a documentary film being produced in collaboration with Aurience Media.

Apogee Awards laureate Bogdan Dekhtyaruk said, "Apogee's support from my earliest years of study, and the professional musical instrument the Foundation provided for my training, have transformed my life and career in ways I never could have dreamed of. Being part of the global Apogee family gives me the possibility not only to fulfill my dreams but to share this with people all over the world."

Youri Kuznetsov, an internationally acclaimed jazz pianist, composer and educator who previously served as Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism for the Odessa Province, and who now serves as Apogee's Regional Coordinator for Odessa and a member of the Foundation's global Advisory Council, said: "Odessa is proud to continue our tradition of hosting The Apogee Foundation's incredibly successful programs, which continue to enrich our region's legendary artistic traditions and to write new chapters in its extraordinary musical history."

In addition to the ongoing Apogee Artists command performance series, the Foundation has also conducted auditions for Apogee Awards candidates in the region and offered Apogee Academy master classes for participants with world class educators such as renowned violin pedagogue Semion Yaroshevich, from Tel Aviv, and Ukraine's leading trumpet instructor Igor Baruch.

The Apogee Foundation's global programs operate in three synergistic divisions: Apogee Awards, discovering artistic excellence; Apogee Academy, developing artistic excellence; and Apogee Artists, celebrating artistic excellence. Apogee Awards laureates are selected by expert juries through a rigorous audition and review process. Successful candidates receive a broad spectrum of support, including the opportunity to participate in Apogee Academy training programs and Apogee Artists performance events and media productions worldwide.

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