Chris Moujaes is an artist/animator based out of the state of Texas, and his projects speak for themselves; most notable of which are his web comics. The color and style of his art and, for the most part, all of his works demand attention from animation enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe alike. Animation Insider was given the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Moujaes, Inc. and behind the scenes of another truly creative animator with a definitive passion for his work.

[USPRwire, Sat May 05 2007] Internet news and information group is pleased to announce a recently published interview with Chris Moujaes, President and CEO of The Chris Moujaes Company, Inc., the man behind the wonderful stories and artwork of popular web comics such as "Coz/Effect" and "Battlegate." The Chris Moujaes Company, Inc. ( is a complete studio enterprise that provides the best in original entertainment content, brand communications, and artistic services. The interview is one of the newest articles added to the website's subsection "The Animated Voice," which houses editorials and interviews regarding the animation and comics industries.

Busily working with a team of artists, designers and industry professionals to create warm and identifiable content for various creative endeavors, Chris Moujaes recently took time out of his schedule to speak with reporter/analyst Kendall Lyons about his experience in brand communications, his desire for unique and diverse art strategies and his devotion to quality storytelling. Understanding the strong curiosity associated with a company built on embracing one's imagination, Moujaes devotes every creative fiber of himself to developing animated and comic properties that will connect with audiences.

In the Animation Insider interview, Chris Moujaes talks about his influences and education as a growing artist, citing a firmly developed interest in animation as one of his favorite sources of innovation. He has continued his interest and skill for design and entertainment through his company, and was interviewed for two online graphic novels he currently publishes in particular--"Coz/Effect" and "Battlegate." Now with the fun adventure of the character Coz McSkwirl seeking rock fame in "Coz/Effect," and the fantastical epic found in the comic "Battlegate," Moujaes has found success in the world of web comics as well.

The success of his studio, notes the interviewer, is a literal example of what happens when one unabashedly brings well-animated characters and a great storyline to the table. "Our studio is committed to producing work that is character-driven and well designed," Moujaes comments in the interview. "If you study any of our work, you'll see that character comes first -- driving the story development heavily."

Moujaes and his team of artists, designers and writers possess the goal of becoming one of the world's prominent creative enterprises; confidently delivering to clients and audiences their own unique brand and entertainment experiences. And as Animation Insider found through a recent interview with key artist Chris Moujaes, the studio is well on its way.

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