Amphis-Baena Stretch Out On New Release Fleeting

From: Amphis-Baena Music
Published: Wed Apr 12 2006

Amphis-Baena (pronounced am-fis-bay-nuh) which is know in Greek mythology as a serpent with two heads and eyes that glow like candles, is also a very talented jazz fusion band with a convincing new release titled Fleeting.

Amphis-Baena is Brian Scherman (alto saxophone, electronic effects), the guiding force behind the band, Adam Clark (drumset handsonic), and Jarret Chernier (keyboards, synths). The members of Amphis-Bæna met while studying at the New England Conservatory and have performed and recorded with respected artists John Scofield, Ralph Alessi, and Dr. Lonnie Smith among others.

The blend of ambient sounds and textures mixed with contemporary jazz, splashed with elements of electronica on Fleeting, are an intriguing flight of fancy for the explorative listener. Each track is a work of art that stands on its own with a unique approach and style. Their method and form is far from familiar to the casual listener or the advanced jazz fusion connoisseur. Every composition serves as a journey unto itself, an entity born from improvisation and the spirit of independent music.

What Amphis-Baena creates is more than Fleeting; however, the recording’s title can have multiple meanings that apply to one’s life. Life itself is a transitory journey and one of the highlights is the excitement and richness of music, which encourages our spirits to wander and explore our innermost thoughts and feelings.

Jazz fusion has a new and exciting talent to recognize, three men on a mission that call themselves Amphis-Baena. Their goal is to give you what is inherently yours…the ability to use our imaginations with the help of music that paints a picture on the canvas of life with sounds and textures that only the improvisation of jazz can deliver.

"Amphis Baena...Raw energy, virtuosic improvisation, and dreamlike sonic landscapes."
- Gar Ragland, Riparius Records

"Some genuinely high quality, very inspiring, great music"
- Bennett Chandler, Studio Metronome

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