The Chicago Dog Whisperer, Ami Moore will launch a free dog and cat telephone behavior hotline to help resolve behavior problems such as aggression, fearfulness and anxiety immediately over the telephone.

[USPRwire, Sat Nov 01 2008] Attention Chicago-area pet owners: A free, new pet behavior hotline may be coming to your neighborhood soon. Help for the bad dog or cranky kitty is just a phone call away.

Local dog expert and canine behaviorist Ami Moore, the Dog Whisperer of Chicago, recently completed an 8-week course provided by the Humane Society of the United States’ Humane Society University to learn how to create a free telephone hotline designed to help pet owners handle common dog and cat behavior problems.

Ami Moore already possessed skills to help dog and cat owners deal with complicated behavior issues; however, she feels that continued education is necessary in order to offer her clients the most up-to-date advice. Ami Moore has a free advice service on but the turn around time is 24 hours-far too long for the pet owner in crisis.

“My belief is that there is always something new, better or different for me to learn,” Ami Moore states.

Through the Humane Society of the United States' (HSUS) animal behavior hotline course, Moore learned the importance of communicating to frustrated pet owners in a gentle, kind and compassionate manner. The Human Society of the United States dog behavior course also taught her that information is better digested by pet owners in small, easy-to-remember tidbits.

A pet behavior hotline offers dog and cat owners instructions concerning how to modify behavior problems such as hyperactivity, housebreaking, crate and litter box training, socialization and destructive chewing or clawing. Information about how to introduce new pets to a household can also be accessed easily and cheaply by frustrated dog and cat owners.

Moore says the presence of local hotlines such as the one available at can reduce the number of pets brought to animal shelters and increase owner satisfaction with their dogs behavior.

“I plan on offering a free dog behavior hotline with pre-recorded tidbits, tricks, tips and techniques that will be available to the public,” Ami Moore, the Chicago Dog Coach says. “It is one of the ways that I can give back to the community.”

In addition to completing the animal behavior hotline course, Ami Moore is in the process of completing a HSUS Pets for Life certificate program to improve her knowledge as a Chicago dog coach. She hopes to complete the four-course program by late 2009.

The series of courses is designed to help those who work with animals learn the latest techniques available to establish a behavior evaluation program, improve animal handling, reduce stress levels in animals, and make informed decisions regarding adoption matches.

“I work with many people who have gotten their dogs from shelters, and I also volunteer at shelters in the Chicago area,” Moore says.

“The more information that I have as an educated professional dog expert, the better I can serve the needs of my community.”
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