The American Reality TV web site is busy with activity surrounding the unparalled popularity of Fox TV's American Idol as comments and articles are posted covering everything from Simon being too mean to Clay Aiken's alleged gay romance.

[USPRwire, Sun Jan 29 2006] American Reality TV, a web site covering television and in particlular reality tv shows, is buzzing with activity as new reality shows take over the minds and hearts of America.

Recent launches of reality tv programs including American Idol, Beauty and the Geek as well as upcoming premiere episodes of Survivor Panama Exile Island, have caused an increase in activity in posting of articles and comments from reality fans.

"American Idol is one busy hot topic!" says Ben, a contributing writer who is as quick to slam the show as he is to praise it. "People love to discuss that show and rag on the hosts! Ryan Seacrest is a punching bag!"

According to Ben "We're having a blast fighting with our good friends visiting us here at American Reality TV as we discuss everything from Simon being a rude jerk, to Paula looking as hot as ever. You know our site is so fun and successful because American's love to hate the stars of these hit reality tv shows! And it's fun to argue and discuss with our fellow reality tv fans."

If you haven't joined a discussion yet about reality tv shows and the stars we love to hate, get ready for a wild ride as the fans have some pointed opinions. That's what makes it so compelling, is the heated exchanges between the fans as they praise their faves and dump on the stars they love to hate.

Current hot topics at the American Reality TV web site include American Idol, The Apprentice, Beauty and the Geek, Amazing Race and Dancing With the Stars.

American Reality TV also covers unscripted tv shows like the popular Fox action show 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland. While not center stage, unscripted shows have their place and discussions at American Reality TV.

American Reality TV invites visitors to register and receive immediate article posting priveleges. "We really take our visitors opinions seriously" says MJ Liebner who also points out "we welcome any and all tv enthusiasts to post articles and make comments regardless of your opinions. Get ready though as our visitors are very opinionated!"

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