LSA takes one idea and then builds upon it, joining several sounds around a theme.

[USPRwire, Sat Jan 21 2006] Aliza Grant, AKA LSA, which means Life’s Sole Apprentice, has always loved music and she has taken every opportunity to create it. Aliza’s new CD Bits And Pieces is a multihued and exciting collection of electronica and trip hop.

Initial ideas of producing drum and bass and the simple effect of speeding up the tempo came by accident and fate took that process full circle to a recording that clearly defines one of the most popular genres of music worldwide.

LSA commented-“I named it Bits and Pieces because all the tracks are snapshots of a lot of things I pieced together from all over the place. Half way to completing the album I decided to change the course and add a more trip hop element by having my partner Eleven sing on some tracks, most notably the prolific “Jesus Love Me” and the warm “Open Your Heart”.

LSA takes one idea and then builds upon it, joining several sounds around a theme, creating clever adaptations from the tools at hand, namely keyboards, guitars, drum and bass, and I some instances, key spoken word and vocals that ignite the principle of each composition.

While each individual develops their own interpretation of what they are hearing, LSA engages your senses with samplings from sounds from life, nature, and our surroundings in general, then mixies it all electronically with layers of keyboards and various sounds that shifit your conciousnesss from one demension to another. This is a process that makes for a ambient surrealistic expereince one has to engage in to understand on their own level.

Bits And Pieces is available via the LSA website, CD Baby, and iTunes.

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