Aliens Land at ClydeSight Productions

From: ClydeSight Productions
Published: Thu Apr 09 2009

Watch she skies? No, watch the Web! Aliens have landed at ClydeSight Productions in the form of a new ebook titled "The Wroussara Trilogy - Volume 1 - Star Hopper"

ClydeSight Productions has been publishing ebooks for a few years. The scifi novel, "Wroussara" (roo - SAW - rah), their latest release is free to anyone who wants to download it from the Wroussara Web site. It is the first of three books in a series. It is an ebook in PDF format, accessible on many digital platforms.

The novel was written by Timothy M. Thompson, and tries to take a realistic approach to alien and UFO encounters, a staple of science fiction. The question in his mind was, "What would it be like if a human was not abducted, but invited by aliens to visit their planet? Why would the aliens do this? How would they manage basic needs if they are different species? How would they communicate?" Thompson reports that inspiration for the novel came from a dream.

To answer his questions, Thompson set up a complex plot with a twist; the aliens arrive at Earth not to conquer, but to rescue, because they have psychically picked up the human hero's nightmare about being chased by a giant disgusting pink blob. They have no idea it was a dream, or even what a dream is. And thereby hangs a tale. As the story takes off, the human hero, named Paul, is captured by a competing alien race, the cruel and aggressive Scaradin (SKA- raw-din), enemies of the Wroussara who are seeking a new food supply. He has to find a way to escape -- a challenge considering he is friendless, knows nothing about space travel and can't understand alien technology. How - or if - he succeeds is, of course, what keeps readers turning the pages.

According to ClydeSight Productions, the novel is based on classical science fiction approaches used by Jules Verne and H.G, Wells and focuses on the characters and their interactions more than scientific technology. Not that technology is absent. It is there, but primarily based on bioengineering instead of mechanical engineering. The company also says that the novel is appealing because it deals with the psychology and interactions of the characters as they deal with their complex situations, often with humorous and even comical results. For example, the Scaradin don't speak -- they sing!

Says author Thompson, "I wanted the reader to really get involved in the story, so I spent a lot of time working out detailed descriptions of the alien worlds, physical appearance, psychology, and how they work things out. I tried to avoid the idea of using technology to solve issues such as communication (i.e. translation devices)."

The novel was a challenge to write from this perspective, as Thompson accounts for some intimate details that arise from the differences in the species. The book has frank discussions of basic human needs; food, shelter, intimacy, personality and psychology, the anatomy of the human body, gender and sexuality -- even love and romance.

Because of these details, ClydeSight Productions has voluntarily content rated the ebook as "MA" for Mature Audiences and there is an appropriate advisory on the Wroussara Web site. A reader must acknowledge that he/she is 18 years or older to get the ebook. Says a representative for the company, "Literature is not required to have content ratings. We respect people's sensitivity to customs and social mores. We kept the Web site simple, with only one image, and chose to provide this MA advisory so that parents surfing the Web site with kids will be able to choose if they feel the ebook is appropriate."

"The Wroussara Trilogy - Volume I - Star Hopper" is available free online at the ClydeSight Productions web site or

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