Actor Wanted - Are you THE Rich Mexican? Who is The Rich Mexican?

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Published: Tue Jun 27 2006

Horrorween the movie has an extended family! Rich Mexican, the spin-off of the biggest, small Hollywood movie is getting ready to be the next talk of Hollywood. With stunning Alejandra Gutierrez playing Rich Mexican’s wife, the movie is set to be hot, but there is one glitch. Rich Mexican is still missing therefore the search is on.

Alejandra from Que Buena TV ( ( ), famed as Miss Playboy Latin America, and having starred in Carlita's Secret with Eva Langoria from Desperate Housewives will be leading the search as well as the Dead Body Guy
( ) under the guidance of Ed Meyer, the modern day William Castle. Beauty, Brain and the Dead are leading the way, we may say.

"The movie is a spin-off of Horrorween ( ), as Rich Mexican will play Dead Body Guy’s annoying neighbor in Horrorween."But", explained Meyer, "We must find an actor with as much character and personality to play Rich Mexican than our Dead Body Guy possesses, especially that this actor will play his neighbor and comedic enemy. This actor has big shoes to fill and we are willing to travel to Mexico and around the world to find him and his family members".

Rich Mexicans Storyline
Ricardo "Rich" Mexican is a third generation Mexican-American gardener, landscaper and day laborer. By sheer accident, he becomes extremely rich. Now living the life of luxury and celebrity with his zany extended family, the antics begin. In what he believes to be his crowning achievement, he has endowed and founded the Mexican-American Gardeners and Landscapers Association or M A G L A, whose main purpose is to lobby for illegal immigrant rights.

M A G L A chooses to annually honor its most notable achievers with the "Golden Weed Whacker Award". In their circle, it has become the most important award and the competition is fierce. Many Mexican-Americans are willing to do whatever it takes to be its recipient, stopping at almost nothing. However, will his fellow Mexican-Americans turn against Rich Mexican when he receives the award? Or stand up with him?

In the present cross-border climate, a little bit of dark humor is the element missing to bring to this discussion, "Often, the very best defense against any malaise is simply laughter, nothing beats humor to diffuse an uncomfortable situation", states Meyer.

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