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Published: Sun May 17 2009

Recently seen in Fox Searchlight’s MISS MARCH, actress Alexis Raben will begin filming as one of three leads in Blue Yonder Films’ upcoming feature, JEFFIE WAS HERE. This film, directed by Todd Edwards (HOODWINKED!) is a zany road movie about a young couple, “Alan” and “Amanda,” who are at a crossroads, and a neurotic third passenger named “Jeffie,” who helps save their relationship. Raben will play “Amanda”, a challenging role that will take wit, talent, and a core understanding of the complex character.

JEFFIE WAS HERE is produced, directed, and written by members of Blue Yonder Films. After being founded in 2005, the Blue Yonder Films team dedicated themselves to producing original artistically inspiring films. Some of their successes include CHILLICOTHE, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1999, and HOODWINKED, which caught the attention of audiences and the industry alike.

With roles in high profile films such as THE INVASION and impressive indie films such as OUTLANDERS, Raben is quickly becoming one of the most watched rising actresses in Hollywood. She has become known for her fearlessness and authenticity that shine through every frame she is in, and her characters have ranged from dramatic, intense, and dark, to hilarious and outrageous. Most recently, Raben made her comedic debut in Fox Searchlight’s MISS MARCH. In the film, released in March 2009, Raben’s character “Katja” was a lesbian bombshell that inflicted mayhem on the protagonists of the film.

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About Alexis Raben:

Actress Alexis Raben was born and raised in Moscow. As a child and a young adult, literature fueled her imagination, and was one of her biggest influences. Alexis graduated from the prestigious Wesleyan University with a double major in Film Studies and Psychology, with Honors in the Film Department where she studied under the legendary Jeanine Basinger. Her film career began to take off when she landed a supporting role in the 2007 film The Invasion, appearing alongside Hollywood A-listers Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. In 2008, Alexis starred in the film Outlanders, a socially conscious UK indie by acclaimed British director Dominic Lees. The film was released theatrically in the UK in October and is due out on DVD in 2009. This spring Alexis shows her comedic side as “Katja” in the Fox Searchlight release Miss March, written and directed by the New York based comedy troupe The Whitest Kids You Know. Alexis plays an accented lesbian bombshell that wreaks havoc on the protagonists of the film.

About Blue Yonder Films:

Founded in 1995, Blue Yonder Films spent its first few years as a production company that quickly built up a resume including award winning television commercials and music videos. With this foundation, the team was able to independently fund, produce, and find distribution for the feature “Chillicothe,” written and directed by Todd Edwards. It made its premiere at the 1999 Sundance film festival, receiving substantial applause. Following its success, Blue Yonder Films gained commercial success with “Hoodwinked!,” an animated feature starring Anne Hathaway and Glenn Close.
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