2Dames and a Dane Tour Recruits Members for Female Audio Visual Executives (FAVE)

Chelsea is a 180-pound great dane with a mission: to recruit more strong females like herself for F.A.V.E. (Female Audio Visual Executives).

[USPRwire, Mon May 25 2009] Chelsea is a 180-pound great dane with a mission: to recruit more strong females like herself for F.A.V.E. (Female Audio Visual Executives). For two weeks, Chelsea will accompany her owner and the creator of F.A.V.E., Bridget Cline and F.A.V.E. Board Member Kristen Jeffries on a ten-city tour called 2 Dames & a Dane.

The women hope to introduce young females to the ever-expanding and converging world of audiovisual and information communications. Cline and Jeffries will twitter under the name 2dames_and_dane throughout the tour to keep F.A.V.E. fans and members up-to-date on the recruitment and the inevitable funny experiences of road tripping 2,500 miles with a 180-pound dog!

The pair will stop to speak with women like Amy Ostroski Simonson, former producer for CNN in Miami; Katie Schlist, lighting designer for the Museum of Modern Art in NYC; Emmora Irwin of Niles Creative Group in NYC; Margaret Murray, Executive Director of Washington D.C.’s One in Ten Film Festival and more. Cline will post interview clips on the website www.faveinternational.org for all the members to view.

“F.A.V.E. has been my ‘brainchild’ since I started in the Rental & Staging Industry, and it began as a way to find other women with whom I could talk and share experiences because I simply couldn't find any!” said Cline. “After getting past the challenges of being a female AV executive, and having been accepted into the fold as a more than competent provider, I sort of see it as my mission to break-down any remaining barriers for women who are following behind me.”

Cline established F.A.V.E. as an international, non-profit trade association designed to mentor and encourage young women to join the ever-expanding AV field while providing support, scholarships and networking opportunities. Cline’s full-service audio, visual, lighting, production/staging company, Industrial Strength, Inc. will be offering $45 in scholarship money to every new member who joins F.A.V.E. between the beginning of the tour and June 30, 2009 (up to $9,000). The first scholarships will go towards continuing education, training courses or anything not sponsored by the recipient’s employer.

Cline continues to receive local and national recognition for her AV success and willingness to mentor and inspire the next generation of audiovisual professionals. InfoComm International, the leading professional audiovisual trade association, presented its prestigious Women in AV Award to Cline in April at the InfoComm 100.

About Industrial Strength, Inc. & Pilot House Audio Visual:
Industrial Strength, Inc. & Pilot House AV is a full-service audio, video, lighting, production and staging source. Owner, President & CEO Bridget K. Cline acquired Pilot House AV in 2004, and Industrial Strength, Inc. shortly thereafter, creating one of the largest inventories on Florida’s west coast. The company specializes in corporate productions, and provides a range of services including national tours for pharmaceutical clients, large and multi-day annual meeting and award shows, video production and destination management. www.isstaging.com

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