"Books, Not Bombs," urges Int'l Read For Peace Week founder

From: FRM, Inc. Iowa
Published: Mon Jul 31 2006

As the human carnage continues in the Middle East, Paschal Eze, founder of the August 1-6 International Read For Peace Week featuring family and public readings of nonviolent books, Dial-An-Author-Reading and a "Building Bridges of Peace Through Books" symposium is calling on Lebanese and Israeli writers as well as American and Iraqi writers to co-author series of books titled "Roses, Not Rockets" or "Books, Not Bombs."

This, he says, would help push the frontiers of peace in that volatile region by helping readers gain a better appreciation of the inestimable value of human lives while offering people an invaluable literary tool for personal relaxation as well as mental and spiritual development.

"A feast of books is and will always be better than a feast of bombs," Rev. Eze posits.

He then goes on to invite Palestinians, Israelis, Lebanese, Indians and Pakistanis, Nigerians, Americans, Congolese and Sudanese, among others, to download Prof. Glenn Paige's remarkable book, "Nonkilling Global Political Science", free at www.globalnonviolence.org and read for at least one hour with family, friends, colleagues, neighbors during the August 1-6 International Read For Peace Week.

"The book is convincing that humans can live without killing one another," Rev. Eze notes, challenging US publishers whose fortunes have been on the increase in recent years, according to statistics by US-based book tracking firm, R.R.Bowker, to translate and donate nonviolent books like Dr. Leon Hesser's authorized biography of Iowa-born Nobel Peace laureate Norman Borlaug titled "The Man Who Fed The World" to people in other parts of the world who cannot afford them.

Books like these, he further states, are able to instill in any rational being the virtues of nonviolence and "nonkilling" which is why "we are connecting book readers around the world with peace lovers during the August 1-6 International Read For Peace Week".

The Week features notable speakers like Detroit-based journalist Bankole Thompson, author of "Ignoring The Underprivileged: A Journalist's Indictment of Mainstream Media" and Marilyn L. Doria, well-known oil and gas attorney who is on the board of the Maryland-based Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation which pleads the cause of Palestinian Christians.

For more information on the August 1-6 International Read For Peace Week kicking off in Dubuque Iowa, please visit event website http://www.readingspree.com or call 1-3193519695.

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