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BIS Training Solutions (BIS) provides a strength-based management training program.

[USPRwire, Tue Jan 22 2013] BIS Training Solutions (BIS) now offers onsite, results-driven management training programs that focus on identifying and capitalizing the individual strengths of team members.

Using a Venn diagram vector map, managers can list the individual tasks, responsibilities, and objectives of each team member and then line them up with personal talents, individual skills, personality preferences, and personal interests or natural passions to create a high performance culture.

BIS Training Solutions (BIS) has developed specific training courses and workshops to provide the required training for identifying individual strengths and aligning them with responsibilities. A requirement for this training program is that the attending supervisors, managers and emerging leaders are chosen by hand as the best-in-class, or high-potential team members for the organization. This dramatically improves the proper application and effectiveness of the program.

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