Scholars Make Dollars educational cartoon series teaches young children leadership skills through entrepreneurship.

[USPRwire, Wed Jan 25 2017] Hustle University presents Scholars Make Dollars. Scholars Make Dollars (SMD) is an animated, educational cartoon series that teaches young children leadership skills through entrepreneurship. Created by Hotep, a former kindergarten teacher, Scholars Make Dollars features characters based off of his real-life friends; and is narrated by actual students he once taught.

Scholars Make Dollars is reminiscent of School House Rock, the 1980s’ animated series of short cartoons that illustrated a variety of educational subjects. Also reminiscent of Pinky and the Brain escapades, each SMD episode follows high school students (and best buds), Hotep and Redd, as they attempt to start a business. Ultimately, they fail each time but not without learning a very valuable lesson regarding what it takes to be successful. Toddlers, ‘tweens, teens, and their parents identify with the colorful characters and are motivated by the lessons. Topics of each 5-minute episode include: Being on Time, Dressing for Success and Anti-Bullying.

“The goal for Scholars Make Dollars is to provide an alternative to the violent, chaotic and satirical cartoons that currently dominate children’s programming” states Hotep. “I also want to offer a more positive vision of African-American characters. I believe it’s important that all people think like entrepreneurs, and this way of thinking should be taught early. Lessons like these are shown to improve decision-making skills, behavior, and productivity as young people progress through school.”

Hotep, being one of America’s few African-American male kindergarten teachers, made sure the series reflects a discernible urban feel. At a recent private screening in Atlanta, a group of girls ages 2 through 8, exclaimed, “That’s me!” when the first female character, Tee appeared on-screen. Scholars Make Dollars holds an old-school familiarity while addressing new-school (and timeless) issues.

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