Learn Ayurveda therapies with a traditional course in Goa says Aitheinhealing

Pursuing a career in Ayurveda therapies is bringing rewards owing to higher demands of skilled practitioners in market now.

[USPRwire, Thu Jan 19 2017] Aitheinhealing – An institute offering genuine Ayurveda massage courses state learn Ayurveda therapies with a traditional course in Goa. Ayurveda treatments are being used to treat different diseases plaguing the body. The therapeutic treatments of Ayurveda have proven to be effective and better in treating several diseases. Healing therapies cause no side-effects which are common in other treatments. Treating a disease isn’t the sole aim of Ayurveda but to create wellbeing of mind, spirit and body. Ayurveda treatments emphasize on creating a body free from disease and experience eternal bliss. Exercises, good nutrition and a well suited lifestyle is helpful to achieve that blissful state.

Pursuing a career in Ayurveda therapies is bringing rewards owing to higher demands of skilled practitioners in market now. To meet rising demands of practitioners, this institute offers top quality courses for aspirants in Goa.

“Being a successful Ayurveda therapist requires skills and understanding of the ailments. Unlike contemporary treatments, Ayurveda observes pulse, physical examinations, lifestyle, nutrition, medical history and so on to diagnose diseases. After reaching to the root of diseases, practitioners offer treatments for a total cure. To understand Ayurveda concepts and utilize in curing diseases, special training is required for aspirants” says Gagori Mitra, cofounder of Aitheinhealing. She said this while launching new courses for aspirants in Agonda beach institute Goa, yesterday.

“Ayurveda therapies have been integrated with modern medical care now. Search for skilled therapists is on to offer best treatments for curing diseases. Careers in Ayurveda are many but needs selection of right courses to grab this opportunity. Ayurveda treatments consist of yoga, massage, meditation and use of herbal medicines. Each of these, can be studied separately. Fortunately, a good Ayurveda course includes training on all these to experience wellbeing and understand Ayurveda healing methods well” she continued.

“India is the place of Ayurveda origin and healing methods are well preserved by practitioners. To pursue a dream career in Ayurveda, there is no better place than India. Presence of Ayurveda research centers, institutes and healing centers make it the best place to study. Courses containing a right proportion of practical and theoretical classes are found in top colleges of Ayurveda. Rigorous training under guidance of qualified Ayurveda teachers helps to get skills to treat clients. Special workshops and regular practical classes on live projects make trainees market ready. Close attention on students in training is useful to gather skills in Ayurveda therapies quickly” she further said.

Massages are being taken to relax body, rejuvenate muscles, and flush out toxins. Massages are suited for treating diseases related to joints, ligaments, nerves and muscles. Therapeutic massages are integrated part of Ayurveda and used extensively in treatments. This is why massages are used in medical systems to create wellbeing and toning a body. Herbal oils, steam, and other massage methodologies are used to deliver cure. Pursuing a career in massage therapies is rewarding and helps to get a satisfying profession. Courses offered in Goa are short but highly effective in increasing massage skills. Certificates are given to students after successful completion of the training in institute.

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