Language-lover launches online magazine targeted to English aficionados

From: Admin Maven
Published: Mon Jun 18 2007

First there was the newspaper, written for the masses. Then came the magazine, designed with a more specific audience in mind. Today the magazine has gone digital. Electronic magazines, or "ezines," are prolific as more specialties offer online features. New on the ezine scene is Word-wise, a self-proclaimed "commentary on the intricacies of the English language...and other marvelous topics."

The inaugural issue of Word-wise went live May 20, and already it has distinguished itself from other online publications.

"Word-wise is targeted, but it isn't exclusive," states AnnaLisa Michalski, the ezine's creator. "Writers, editors, teachers, business leaders crafting marketing materials, crossword enthusiasts, watchers of Jeopardy, Great Aunt Tillie who corrects everyone's grammar--anyone who has an interest in the English language is welcome."

In order to satisfy this spectrum of tastes, Word-wise includes concise grammar and usage tips as well as more in-depth articles exploring topics from modern vocabulary to linguistics.

"I strive to offer something for everyone," Michalski states. "Language articles and tips will, of course, always be spotlighted, but other fun sections join the rotation as well."

One feature that has already proven popular is Challenge, where readers compete to answer a language- or literature-related question. May 20's Challenge featured a quotation and asked readers to identify its author.

In addition to language-focused sections, Word-wise carries an occasional feature titled "Not-so-idle Musings" in which non-language topics are explored. "I admit it," Michalski laughs. "This section is simply an outlet for that internal writer I haven't been able to suppress. I may not have time to write as often as I'd like to, but this feature gives me an audience when I do."

Unlike some ezines, Word-wise doesn't discriminate by requiring subscription. Some ezines allow a reader to preview but only offer complete content to subscribers. Others only allow non-members to view outdated back issues.

"All readers are welcome to Word-wise," Michalski explains. "If you want to receive Word-wise by e-mail and join my mailing list, I'm happy to deliver. But that's not a requirement. Word-wise is online, open to readers at any time they choose, without obligation. Language is a fascinating and many-faceted topic, but the fact that it's complex does not mean it's just for scholars. I don't want anyone who's interested to feel excluded from the discussion."

This all-inclusive welcome extends to the content of the ezine. "As readership grows, I envision the size of the average issue expanding to allow for reader responses instead of just features I write myself," Michalski states.

On June 24, when the second installment of Word-wise is released, reader response will already be a vital part of the format. Michalski says, "Reactions to the May 20 language observation article spurred me to write a follow-up. Plus, the winner of Word-wise's very first Literary Challenge will be announced."

Readers are invited to view current and past editions of Word-wise online at


AnnaLisa Michalski is the creator and publisher of Word-wise. The ezine is an extension of Michalski's virtual assisting business, Admin Maven, which specializes in copy editing and proofreading services.
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