Join Ayurveda massage courses to gain healing skills says Aitheinhealing

Aitheinhealing is a Goa based institute offering Ayurveda and other massage courses for massage therapist aspirants.

[USPRwire, Tue Mar 21 2017] Aitheinhealing – An institute based in Goa offering traditional massage courses states join Ayurveda massage courses to gain healing skills. Learning Ayurveda is essential for body work aspirants with increasing demands for skilled practitioners. Ayurvedic treatment is cost-effective and best alternative to allopathy in curing diseases. Using of natural herbal medicines and exercise cause no or negligible side effects unlike other treatments. Diagnosis of disease is done with external observation, lifestyle and nutrition of the patient. Body has a unique capacity to heal itself but this capacity declines with bad lifestyle, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Chemical imbalance leads to diseases in body and disastrous health condition. Ayurveda treatment starts with finding out root cause of disease and providing a better treatment. To create a total wellbeing of the body, Ayurvedic treatment include massage, yoga, meditation and herbal medicines.

“Ayurveda practitioners offer healing body through natural methods. To meet rising demands of experts, top colleges are offering special training in Ayurveda. To get authentic training join Ayurvedic school in India offering traditional healing courses. Ayurveda is a comprehensive healing method that involve studying of body anatomy, nutrition and lifestyle. Training in Ayurveda course include yoga session, meditation, massage training and learning to use herbal medicines for treatment. Going for training from India help students to get genuine training from expert practitioners. Special workshops are organized for students during training to gain market relevance expertise. Market relevance training helps students to gain skills to be successful practitioners after completion”- says Gagori Mitra, cofounder of Aitheinhealing. She said this while addressing a press conference on the importance of studying Ayurveda courses from India in Goa, yesterday.

She continued, “Massage is an integral part of Ayurvedic treatment and given to soothe body pain. The massage techniques have been developed through ages by sages. Ayurveda massage therapy is unique and used complementing with medicinal treatment to enhance wellbeing of patients. To be an expert massage therapist, extensive training and choosing of right course is required. Ayurveda massage training is perfect for body work aspirants to increase skills. Live project training for students deliver skills and market relevant expertise in the course. A soothing experience comes in practical classes for students and create a retreat like feeling. Students learn to use massage complementing with treatment to increase effectiveness of medicines in curing “.

She further said, “Selection of institute need to be done observing faculties, certification, training facilities and other parameters. Course with a right proportion of theoretical and practical classes need to be chosen. Short duration course offered by live practitioners are ideal to gain expertise in massage healing. Students can start with an entry level course and continue to gain expertise in professional course. But, even a short duration course creates a solid base for students to pursue a career in massage therapy. One-to-one guidance and attention of expert teachers help students to be expert in massage. An ideal course endorses by experts to gain perfection in creating wellbeing of body, soul and mind”.

Aitheinhealing is a Goa based institute offering Ayurveda and other massage courses for massage therapist aspirants. Courses offered by institute are Aithein healing massage, Thai massage, Rope massage, Siddha Marma massage, and Indian head healing course. Expert teachers offer training to students in institute. To join the courses or to get more information, visit:

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