Incredible Brain Quiz App by Versatile Techno expresses the Brilliance

Brain Quiz by Versatile Techno is an exceptional treasure to boost your cognitive ability and concentration with the perfect blend of several new and unique features.

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Incredible Features of Brain Quiz

Versatile Techno is a branding and creative company that stands first on the podium of offering this world class app named Brain Quiz that boasts several unique features like-

• Boost your concentration and cognitive skill,
• Sharp the spelling skills and vocabulary,
• More option for playing games like 4, 5 and 6 words.

It is user-friendly, easy to play and GUI and entails more than 1000 spelling that offers endless fun. The best part is leadership and achievement board pop up every time to show your challenger and score. It doesn’t matter what’s next, you can choose free hints and continue the game. Keeping in mind the convenience of the player an additional feature is there that allow you to share with your friend and get the precise answer in case you stuck in between any level.

The company is devoted to customer service and guarantees that all their users enjoy their host of services at cost effective prices. The team at Versatile Techno focuses on attention to detail from the in-house technicians to designers.

About the company:

When it comes to educational and brain boosting apps, nothing beats the Brain Quiz. It is an amazing app developed by the leading name Versatile Techno. It is the best app builder at tablets and android versions. After downloading it, you can improve your vocabulary faster than another vocabulary app.

Company: Versatile Techno

Contact Name: Bhavesh Korat

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 079-4032-4950

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