How can we prepare an Effective Business Structure?

Business organizations prepare a structure of them and perform activities which help to meet their objectives. All the business organizations are required to meet the requirement of their stakeholders like the customers, investors, employees, suppliers, government, etc.

[USPRwire, Thu Oct 27 2016] All of them have their different needs and interests and sometimes it becomes very difficult for the business to fill all their needs. There are various responsibilities which are fulfilled by the company Tesco plc which ranges from social responsibility, environmental responsibility, and employee responsibility to government responsibility. Tesco indulges in fulfilling in the corporate business responsibility by organization behaviour taking initiatives for corporate social responsibility activities. They fulfill the environment responsibility by increasing awareness about keeping the environment pollution free and make efforts to contribute minimum to the environment degradation. Tesco has been working towards implementing various activities which are important for its brand image. The company is active in taking plantation initiatives and being responsible for nurturing environment oriented approach both outside and within the company. Tesco has been known its approach towards reducing the plastics usage through its retail outlets, minimizing waste in the environmental structure, and decreasing the usage of hazardous materials in its product line. It has also fulfilled its responsibility towards the employees by giving them the best facilities and helping them to develop better skills. They also fulfill the responsibility towards the government by paying proper taxes in the timely manner.

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