Home Schooler Takes Home the Grand Prize in Learning By Grace's "I Have a Dream" Essay Contest

From: Learning By Grace, Inc
Published: Tue Jun 09 2015

PreK-12 Home school Program Management Company, Learning By Grace, Inc., has chosen a winner for its “I Have a Dream” Essay Contest. Jazmine Reyes, a 14-year-old student at The MorningStar Academy from St. Mary’s, Georgia, took home the Grand Prize trophy for her essay entitled “Hope of Reconciliation”. An indictment of the modern Christian Church, Reyes pointed out many of its major flaws including materialism, pride, and vanity.

“We were impressed by Jazmine’s insights,” says Academy Founder Mimi Rothschild. “We’re so proud of her??"she shows wisdom far beyond her years. We all benefit from students in our academies who think like her."

In the spirit of Black History Month, students were asked, “If you were able to give an ‘I have a dream’ speech today, what would you say?” The students were challenged to focus on an area of human society needing reformation. While many of the students chose to address modern day issues of race relations, Jazmine eschewed the topic of race and studied the “sins of the church”. Jazmine decided to discuss the Christian church’s current affection for “feel-good” sermons and “false prophets”. She largely focused on churches who exploited the poor to fill their coffers.

“Jazmine recognized the the struggle of blacks against slavery is not just a race issue but an issue of humanity,” says Rothschild. “We can take the lessons learned from the victory of minorities over slavery and apply them to the general human condition. Just as the world is now a better place after the triumph of civil rights, the Church would be a better place after achieving Jazmine’s dream.”

To read Jazmine’s winning essay, visit www.TheMorningStarAcademy.org/articles/hope_of_reconciliation.html. For the remainder of the 2006-2007 school year, Learning By Grace is challenging all students under the age of 18 to participate in its Jr. Picasso Art Contest - www.LearningByGrace.org/jrpicasso. All students are encouraged to apply their best works of art for the chance to win a gift certificate to Utrecht Art Supplies.

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