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From: Green Education Foundation
Published: Wed May 27 2009

Green Education Foundation a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable, impactful pro-green behaviors in children, families and communities, collaborated with the Fisher Elementary School in Walpole, MA to conduct a waste-reduction experiment. The goal of the Fisher Green Experiment was to reduce school trash by 50%. To accomplish this over 450 students and staff brought in waste-free snacks and drinks for two “green weeks”. Teachers augmented the experiment with green lessons, activities, and family-led trips to the supermarket. Custodians measured the schools pre-green weeks’ trash to determine a baseline and then measured again during the program.

Town officials applauded children during a kick-off meeting and provided data that reinforced how the children were impacting the environment on a much larger scale. The results were a whopping 70% reduction in classroom snack-waste. More importantly, students learned first-hand that their efforts as environmental stewards resulted in measurable and sustainable results. Fisher Elementary school principal Colleen Duggan, a joint recipient of the award, commented, “Fisher Elementary School is committed to effectively teaching students through hands-on programs such as the Fisher Green Experiment the valuable lesson of environmental stewardship,"

The Green Experiment was supported by GEF’s founding sponsor Stop & Shop and formally recognized by state Senator Timilty and Representative Rogers. U.S. Senator John Kerry recognized the Fisher students with the following citation:

“I am proud to congratulate The Fisher Elementary School’s students, faculty, and staff on their efforts towards creating a cleaner environment through the ‘Green School Experiment.’ This project is not only effective in reducing waste but it also provides an interactive way for students to learn about the environment and why it is so important to ensure we safeguard it for future generations. Taking this initiative demonstrates how committed The Fisher Elementary School community is to the goal of environmental sustainability and I commend all involved in this effort.”
Within six months, the Fisher Green Experiment was replicated nationwide with nearly 400,000 students from 900 schools in 46 states participating in National Green Week 2009. Results from these combined efforts equated to a 50+% nationwide reduction in snack waste totalling over 100,000 pounds. Schools also began new recycling initiatives, composting programs, advocacy-writing campaigns, tree plantings, and much more.
“The positive results attained by the Fisher school students demonstrate how easy it can be to reduce waste on a dramatic scale. Children are the true green keepers of our natural resources and with support can re-shape how we address monumental environmental problems,” said Victoria Waters, founder, Green Education Foundation. “The results of the Fisher Green Experiment are incredibly compelling and encouraging, and set a wonderful example for other schools to replicate nationwide.”

Schools are encouraged to enroll now for National Green Week 2010 where a million green keepers will pledge to reduce waste and energy, plant school gardens and participate in green lessons. For more information about how your school can enroll in National Green Week 2010, please visit

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