Green Education Foundation Announces Results of National Green Week 2009

From: Grren Education Foundation
Published: Wed May 27 2009

National Green Week 2009 mobilized 400,000 students in 48 states to participate in green lessons and activities from 2/2-4/22/2009 (Earth Day). A quarter million students participated in the nationwide waste reduction component, eliminating 100, 000 lbs of trash.

Teachers augmented the waste-reduction program with a multitude of environmental projects that included: planting trees to offset river erosion; running e-recycling campaigns; and instituting walk-to-school and lights-off days. Kids embraced their role as green keepers and tested the quality of creek water; sent letters to President Obama; created mini solar and windmill homes; and built pond eco-systems.

“We are thrilled that nearly a half a million students participated in GEF’s inaugural National Green Week program,” declared Victoria Waters, founder and president of GEF. “We are particularly pleased with the turnout for the nationwide waste-free snack program, a simple, yet effective way for children to feel empowered that they can a difference.”

Hundreds of schools sent in their green projects in the hopes of winning the coveted GEF Green In-Action Award. Additional GEF Green In-Action Award categories included the best green school project, environmental video, and eco-literary work. GEF’s Green In-Action Awards, which honor educators who are fostering the next generation of environmental stewards, were sponsored in part by Green Mountain Coffee, the Colorado Wal-Mart State Giving Foundation and National Grid.

The winners of the Green Mountain Coffee Green In-Action Awards are; Mexicayotl Academy in Nogales, AZ; Velusa Pines Elementary School in Lake Helen, Florida and Rivendell Academy Middle School in Orford, NH. The Colorado Wal-Mart Green In-Action Award went to the Cheyenne Creek Conservation Club from Canon Elementary in Colorado Springs, CO and the National Grid Green In-Action Award went to Beechwood Knoll Elementary School in Quincy, MA.

“The number and quality of award submissions is a further testament to the commitment of these schools to promote environmental stewardship,” commented Leslie Castle, National Green Week Program Manager. “We congratulate all the winners!”

GEF would like to applaud the following schools who received second place recognition. The green project category winners are the Laurel Plains Elementary Daisy Troop from NYC, NY; Chittick Elementary School, Mattapan, MA; Charleroi Area Middle School from Charleroi, PA; Cunningham Elementary School, Milton, MA; and Croom Vocational Senior High School, Cheltenham, MD. Second place winners in the green video category are the Reynolds School in Upper Saddle River, NJ and Edison Environmental Science Academy in Kalamazoo, MI. Second place winners in the literary category are Wendell P. Williams Empowerment School in Las Vegas, NV and Brookstone Elementary School “Green Team” in Columbus, GA.

Please visit to view all the winner’s projects, photos and videos as well as to learn how other green schools participated in the National Green Week 2009 program.

Schools are encouraged to enroll now for National Green Week 2010 where a million green keepers will pledge to reduce waste and energy, plant school gardens and participate in green lessons. For more information about how your school can enroll in National Green Week 2010, please visit

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The Green Education Foundation’s (GEF) mission is to provide educational resources that promote sustainable impactful pro-green behaviors in children, families, and communities. GEF believes that children learn best through hands-on programs which enhance a child’s critical thinking and understanding of how and why they should adopt new green habits. With this in mind, GEF provides real-life environmental experiments and activities that dovetail with multi-disciplinary educational curriculum.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) recently granted the Green Education Foundation the Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Energy and Environmental Education for its outstanding efforts in furthering environmental learning.

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