Goat Crazy: Book Offers Tips for Raising Healthy, Long-Living Goats

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Published: Thu Nov 20 2008

An innovative new book written by James Pickavance was recently released. The book has been described as an easy-to-read, visually rich publication written in guidebook format. It is an impressive addition to the goat keeper's arsenal of knowledge. Whether you are raising goats for the first time, or you already have experienced, "Goat Crazy" addresses typical problems faced by the caretaker, recommends improvements and offers specific tips and techniques.

"Goat Crazy" is a book about cultivating long-term success while raising health goats. The reader experiences a rare combination of warmth, inspiration, and education as he discovers the pain of simple mistakes most new goat farmers make. Through the book, readers will learn how to identify and overcome behaviors that are typical of most goats including feeding habits, cravings, stress, boredom and comfort.

Goat Crazy is jam packed with invaluable insights and absolutely necessary for goat keeping success and shares the secret world of healthy and profitable goats.

A Partial List of Chapters:

-The 7 Lifesaving Questions you must ask before keeping goats & identify the 62 Poisonous Plants to your Goats .

-Best Ways to house your Goat and 3 different types of Fences that will save you time and money.

-Let me show you which of these dairy goats best suits you

-Making the Milking Cycle work to your advantage, and understanding the 2 Crucial Sections of a dairy operation.

-Goats and their wool - you'll understand every type and what they're used for.

"Goat Crazy" illustrates how to create the ultimate birthing kit, and how to protect a flock of kids during the danger period of birth through two months. It also details instructions for treating the most common illnesses and injuries associated with goats. "This, alone will save you thousands of dollars in vet bills," stated the author.

"Goat Crazy" is available for purchases at http://keeping-goats.com or by emailing admin@strategic-services-aust.com
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