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Published: Thu Jun 11 2015

Business expert Dr. John Oda is well-known for his consulting work with globally leading companies, his PBS personal development radio show, and his appearances on shows such as “Meeting the Giants” and “Oprah and Friends”. In his recent book, Connecting with Your Teen: Seven Principles to Resolve Teenage Behavioral Challenges, Dr. Oda reflects upon his youth.

As a child and teenager, Dr. Oda suffered from stuttering. Classmates and even a nun branded him as being mentally impaired and assumed he would never graduate eighth grade.. Instead, Dr. Oda persevered to not only graduate high school; he also has a Doctorate in Philosophy (emphasis in Psychology. He is a worldwide renowned business expert who has provide seminars and workshops with clients such as State Farm, Keller Williams Realty, Century 21, Hideki Electronics Inc., , and other companies across multiple industries.

Ironically, struggling with speech in his younger years led to Dr. Oda becoming a well-known keynote speaker and business expert. “As a child, I had low self-esteem and depression because I stuttered,” said Dr. Oda. “As a grown man, I see my stuttering challenge as a blessing because it gave me the opportunity to reinvent myself to become a great speaker.”

Also well-known as a leading orator, Dr. Oda has served as a keynote speaker for various corporations. This type of work has led companies to yield high results from Dr. Oda’s expert business advise. Despite having been challenged with stuttering during his youth, Dr. Oda has become known as a phenomenal speaker and executive business coach. He offers his keynote speaking services professionally, as well as valuable online courses for personal development, business coaching sessions, and more. Further information can be found at

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Dr. John Oda is a globally renowned business expert who offers corporate training, workshops, and seminars for companies around the world, and he is an expert executive business coach who offers time management, leadership, sales, and general business consulting.


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