Global Islamic Finance Magazine Features Bankerís Academyís Dr. Linda Eagle as Islamic Finance Exper

The Edcomm Group Bankerís Academyís President and cofounder, Dr. Linda Eagle, was recently featured in the January issue of Global Islamic Finance Magazine.

[USPRwire, Tue Apr 06 2010] The Edcomm Group Bankerís Academyís President and cofounder, Dr. Linda Eagle, was recently featured in the January issue of Global Islamic Finance Magazine as an expert on Islamic finance. With 23+ years of experience in the global financial services industry, Dr. Linda Eagle was chosen to answer a series of questions addressing prevalent issues facing Islamic banking today.

Featured in the ďQuestions and Answers Session with the ExpertsĒ section, Dr. Eagle shared her insight into how the current financial crisis has affected Islamic finance. Dr. Eagle also shared her opinion on the advantages of working within the framework of Islamic rules, such as the marketís built-in protection system and ethical form of banking, and the disadvantages Ė including the monitoring of Islamic financial institutions by the same regulatory bodies as conventional banks.

In the interview, Dr. Eagle demonstrated her expertise by explaining how to improve the knowledge of Islamic banking in todayís market. ďOver the past few years, Islamic banking has increased dramatically; however, much more can be done in order to improve the knowledge of Islamic finance around the world. The first place to start is in financial institutions themselves. Islamic banks must invest in greater education of staff and management to allow them to become emissaries of Islamic banking to their customers,Ē said Eagle.

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