Thanks to the availability of financial aid, online education has become an option for many who would otherwise not be able to afford to go to school.

[USPRwire, Thu Feb 01 2007] Contrary to popular belief, education is not a luxury enjoyed only by the wealthy. Thanks to the availability of financial aid, a degree has become an option for many students who would otherwise not have been able to afford to go school. At the same time, online educational programs enable students to earn their degree while maintaining their other obligations, such as work and caring for their children.

Despite the availability of financial aid, many scholarships go unclaimed. There are two reasons why this free money never gets used. On one hand, many people don't even know the scholarships and financial aid programs exist, and without a strong financial department to tell them about it they never will. On the other hand, even when students know about financial aid programs, the complicated process can intimidate and overwhelm them. Without the help of someone who knows and understands the process many students never even try.

Darrel Hanbury, Director of Admissions at Virginia College Online, says it is the school's job to inform students and help them get financial aid. “Those interested in furthering their education should check with the schools in which they are interested,” said Hanbury. “If the school is not obviously interested in assisting the student with locating and applying for financial aid, then move on to one that is. It can be a complicated process, but schools such as ours are happy to assist students in working their way through it.”

For those who know about financial aid, an education, and a better life, are only a few forms away. Financial aid makes getting a degree a reality for many students who wouldn't normally be able to afford an education. And because of the lack of competition for many scholarships, help is often easier to get than you might think.

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