Edcomm Bankerís Academy Updates Corporate Banking Sexual Harassment Training Program for 2010

Edcomm Bankerís Academy has updated its Corporate Banking Sexual Harassment training program for 2010.

[USPRwire, Wed Sep 15 2010] Edcomm Bankerís Academy has updated its Corporate Banking Sexual Harassment training program for 2010. Focus on Sexual Harassment for Corporate Banking has been revised as part of Edcomm Bankerís Academyís ongoing commitment to providing the most up-to-date and pertinent financial services information as the banking industry enters a new decade.

Financial institutions lose millions of dollars each year due to sexual harassment complaints and the decreased employee morale and increased absenteeism that occurs as a result. However, corporate banks can reduce the risk of sexual harassment by creating a work environment that is fair and respectful and a staff that knows what is and is not considered acceptable behavior in the workplace. Corporate banks that properly train all employees, including staff and management, on the detection and prevention of sexual harassment will minimize risk and increase the productivity and morale of their team.

Focus on Sexual Harassment for Corporate Banking, from Edcomm Bankerís Academy, is a computer-based, distance-learning program, can be delivered via Internet, Intranet or CD. The program teaches sexual harassment compliance training using easy-to-understand language in an interactive, self-paced format. Topics include: What Is a Fair and Respectful Workplace?, Federal and State EEO Laws, Types of Harassment, What to do if Harassment Occurs, Retaliation, and Supervisor Responsibilities, among others. The program includes a quick reference guide to all regulations, as well as a searchable library of materials.

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