Brentwood Open Learning College Launches Free Online Courses for Adults

Brentwood Open Learning College announces free online courses. These are flexible learning programmes which can be taken from around the world. Enrolments are open all around the year.

[USPRwire, Sat Dec 10 2016] One of the UK’s leading names in high-quality distance learning has announced the launch of an exclusive range of free online courses for adults. Brentwood Open Learning College has so far added an impressive 15 free courses to its collection, with more set to be added over the coming weeks and months. More British adults than ever before are actively pursuing further education – the team at BOLC believes quality education doesn’t have to mean paying high prices.
“We’ve always championed accessible, affordable and enjoyable home study programs that don’t shut out those with limited budgets to work with,” said Dr. Adnan Naseem at Brentwood Open Learning College.
“Alongside our standard programs, we made the decision to begin introducing 100% free online courses for adults, in order to open up what we do to as many people as possible. So far, the response has been quite incredible!”
According to the BOLC team, the most popular free courses on offer to date include Business Management, Fashion Design, Travel and Tourism, Event Management, Internet Marketing and Huma Resource Management. There’s also an introductory course on starting your own business from scratch.
Feedback from BOLC’s customers suggests that online study is having a significant impact on their career progression and employment prospects. More than 85% of those polled stated that their new qualifications had enriched their CVs, with no less than 60% crediting their studies with either securing a job or receiving a workplace promotion.
“Nothing means more to us than hearing how the courses we offer have been put to good use and made a real difference in customers’ lives,” Dr. Adnan Naseem said.
“We hope that by offering an extensive range of free courses, more adults will be inspired and encouraged to continue their education and explore their full potential.”
Whether it’s making up for lost time, exploring a brand-new subject or enhancing existing knowledge and competencies, it’s never too late to return to your education. Contrary to popular believe, evidence suggests that distance learning can be even more effective than traditional classroom study. Likewise, success rates among mature students tend to be exponentially higher than those of younger learners.
“When people come to us to explore home learning opportunities, it’s because they want to – not because they think they have to,” explains Dr. Adnan Naseem.
“We’re proud of the 99% success rate achieved by our candidates, which just goes to show that when you set out for something you really want, there’s nothing that can stop you getting it. You’ve no idea what you’re capable of until you really start applying yourself!”
Dr. Adnan Naseem also stated that there are no strings attached, no hidden costs and all course materials are included as standard with every free course.
Brentwood Open Learning College also offers a variety fully-accredited diploma courses with recognised qualifications for successful candidates. For more information or to view the full list of free online courses, visit today.

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